Quad-core LG X3 flexes its muscles in benchmark test, new details leak


If you want to see the power of four cores working in tandem, look no further than the above benchmark results. What you see are the results for the mobile- World Congress-bound LG X3, a Tegra 3 device that is also said to feature a 4.7-inch 720p display. Even if you are of the school of thought that benchmark tests of this nature don’t accurately tell us much about any handset, the results at least give us an idea of how much power we can expect compared to a device like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The X3’s Tegra 3 chip will be clocked to 1.5GHz (1.4GHz during multi-core use) and the phone will likely launch with Ice Cream Sandwich. Other rumored specs include an 8MP rear camera with 1.3MP front-facing camera, NFC support, and a 2,000mAh battery.

[via MoDaCo]

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  1. Wow no offense, but people are still using quadrant 

    1.  wow people still think there opinion mathers? ;)

      yeah i use quadrant, i love it :)

    2. quadrant had updated its app and it support multi-core as well as ICS

  2. Quadrant was just updated to take into account the newer multi-core processors. Scores shouldn’t be as inflated as they were in the past.

  3. This is interesting.  After months Quadrant just updated on the 13rd.  This must affect the results in probably every single dual and quadcore device.

    You guys should benchmark at least a few flagship devices to see how they do.

    1. I can give you a few, since I’ve got a lot of friends with newer high end devices.

      Transformer Prime: 4400
      Galaxy Nexus: 2200
      Galaxy S II: 3200
      Galaxy Note (My device): 4102
      HTC Rezound: 2700
      Razr: 2600

      Most of the scores I’ve rounded up or down. Except for my Note since I just tested it again.

      1. EVO 3d: 2878 stock

      2. Thanks!  Are those stock ROMs?  Mine was 1334 on a SGS I9000 on CM9 4.0.3 (alpha).  

        The Galaxy Note one is pretty impressive, how good was it before the update? I though it was the same hardware than the SGS2.

        1. Yes all stock roms, none of these devices were rooted. The Galaxy Note does have the same hardware for the most part. Except the Exynos in the Note is clocked at 1.4 ghz instead of 1.2 ghz that the GSII is clocked at.

          Before the update my average Quadrant score was around 5100.

  4. Wouldn’t touch an LG with a 10 foot pole.

  5. Something I dont get is the 1.3MP front camera?Its time for manufacturers to get a better front camera!Its much too ask for it?

  6. A 2000mAh battery?  I have the revolution with the 1500mAh battery and it wouldn’t last the whole day.  The Razor is probably smaller and has twice the battery!  No thanks LG you can keep your phones until you get serious about the battery.

  7. I call BS.  ICS on a kernel?  Either it’s a photochop, or LG is making frankenphones that people might want to consider staying away from. 

    1.  My Transformer Prime is rocking – I think that is legit.

  8.  I only get 2759 on my stock S2 rooted

  9. Not impressed! I get 3898 on my stock GS2 Epic Touch 4g!

  10. 3647 on quadrant after the update on my Epic Touch!

  11. So people saying they are unimpressed, take a look at your scores just the colors. What do the represent?  Notice how the blue bar on this one is higher than most of your score?   Now look at your blue bar,  yeah think what our devs will be able to do with this device, this device with custom kernels and roms will be scoring 10k.    Source— Rom Cooker/Kernel Tweaker    

  12. Its articles like this that keep perpetuating the myth that benchmark scores mean anything. Fact is benchmark scores on Android devices mean absolutely nothing. It’s not a “school of thought” or an “opinion” There is a world of proof on why they are meaningless and how they can easily be manipulated. It’s rather irresponsible to keep posting these benchmark results without informing people that they really are useless.

  13. lol lg stop making phones 

    1. why? this phone sounds badass

  14. if tegra 3 scores are
    almost equal to exynos dual core in the note @ 1.4 ghz, i wonder how badly the
    galaxy s3 next gen exynos chips 32nm @ 2ghz will perform just a few months

  15. I’m very interested in the LG X3, as it looks to be destined for T-Mobile at 21 Mbps HSPA+. I know everybody has had a rough way to go with the G2X, but finally toward the end LG/T-Mobile fixed the roms with a good working version of gingerbread. Also it looks to be on it’s way going to be rocking CM9 stable shortly. That being said I am defiantely going to be watching the reviews and forums of the X3 to see if LG learned anything from the G2X on T-Mobile for the X3. I’m hanging onto my T-Mobile (4 lines to pay early term. on otherwise) and this looks to have the best chance for a superphone for the Magenta carrier in 2012. I’m not saying I’m going to buy one before I hear the words of numerous satisfied buyers, but if they can pull of a good Tegra 3 ICS phone that I can root after a while and get my money’s worth out of for 2 years then why not? It’s not like T-Mobile appears to have a HSPA+ version of the GNEX on the horizon. I’m not looking to LTE as android battery life is bad enough, without that unessential amperage whore….. 

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