HTC dialing up Beats streaming music service?


HTC is looking to stretch their partnership with Beats Audio into completely new realms, if a new rumor out of GigaOM has any weight to it. According to their sources, HTC and Beats could soon launch a streaming music service to be bundled with future device releases.

The mobile manufacturer still needs to work out contractual details with record labels, but thanks to the Beats Audio connection talks could be on the fast track. Jimmy Iovine, one of the men behind the Dr. Dre-sponsored audio company, also happens to be the head of Geffen A&M, a Universal Music subsidiary. He may be just the guy to guide HTC in securing the proper licensing for music streaming.

Expect to hear a lot more about this service soon, as GigaOM is reporting it could be unveiled at Mobile World Congress.

[GigaOM via The Verge]


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  1. Don’t bet on it.  Beats Audio is said to be working on a potential streaming service, but Iovine is no fool.  IF the service makes it to market, it will never survive if it’s tied exclusively to HTC devices….  and HTC’s measly $300m investment is not enough for Beats to throw away a growth opportunity.  It would be tough enough to compete with the likes of Spotify, Pandora, GoogleMusic, and others….  Handcuffing the service to HTC would kill it.

    1. Maybe it’ll be stock on HTC phones but available for download in the Market as well?  

  2. Being bundled with HTC devices doesn’t mean it would have to be exclusive to HTC devices.  Just an included sales point for HTC devices.  Maybe rather than having to pay for premium streaming like Spotify, HTC devices get it as part of the original purchase.

  3. Beats sucks at anything. Oh, and android already has something lke that… Called google Music!

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