Stop Everything You’re Doing and Download Zenonia 4 – Now Available In The Android Market


It was almost a month ago to this day that I showed you guys leaked images of Gamevil’s upcoming sequel to one of the best action RPG franchises Android has to offer — Zenonia 4. I think it’s safe to say we were all pretty much floored with what we’ve saw. Well, I have great news for all you Android gamers out there. Zenonia 4 is now officially available in the Android Market.

Featuring all new, high-resolution graphics, Zenonia 4 finally brings the franchise into the wonderful world of HD. Have to admit, I almost wept after seeing the bright new visuals on my wonderful SAMOLED Plus display. Can’t say I’ve never been a more proud father, than I am right now.

Zenonia 4, which actually launched a few short days ago, has been receiving near perfect reviews from user in the Market despite  being considered a “freemium” title — but it’s freemium done right. Players who wish to enhance their gameplay experience (or cough: cheat) can do say through the use of in-app payments that will yield extra items and upgrades. Keep in mind, unlike most freemium titles, this is by no means necessary to progress along in the game. So, really. Stop everything you’re doing, and get to downloading this shining example of how far gaming has come and where it’s headed on on our Android smartphones.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. “shinning”?

    1. Yeah. The characters are super deformed. They have no shins O_o

  2. Old 28 MB download I really need to upgrade my Nexus One soon. Hope the SGS3 comes soon.

    1. nooo, it should come next October/november ;)

  3. Galaxy Nexus got a screen bug. The corner of lower right become unresponsive when touching the corner of lower left at the same time… so, this game will be unplayable on my SGN….

    1. The multitouch bug has been fixed in the leaked 4.0.4 update. If you don’t want to update you can turn the screen off and back on as a workaround.

  4. Only certain games have that bug on the galaxy nexus

  5. I haven’t finished the third one but f it!! I’m on thiissss.

  6. This is why Android games are still crap. Because everyone screams over 
    games that look like Super Nintendo!

    1. o_O

    2. Lets see what you can make, personally I am no developer and am happy with what I get.

    3.  your an idiot… looks don’t mean shit if the gameplay isn’t there. super mario bro’s is STILL one of the best games out there in my opinion, and it’s 8 bit in a world of 1080p… if the gameplay is good then its a good game.

      1. Word of the wise… don’t call someone an idiot if you’re going to make such 1st grade grammar mistakes… “your an idiot”… really?  You’re.  You are.  “super mario bro’s is”… wow.  Super Mario Bro is is?  “its a good game”… it’s, as in, it is a good game.

        1. Love grammar natzis, thank you so much for correcting one of my typos! It means so much to me that you care :)
          But no, it doesnt really, i proof read my journals and essays as well as letters before i ever send them out but i truly dont give a hoot on not using correct grammar on a disqus discussion lol.

          This does not change the validity of my post though, i will give an example though to be more professional since apparently that is how we are supposed to write here.
          Mineceaft – a successful game whether you like it or not. this game proves my point by only recently coming to the table yet having graphics that would appear to have no visual apeal because they look ”old”.
          It does not matter how great it , if the gameplay is bad it might as well not exist because no one wants to play a game that sucks just because it has good graphics .

          1. Now you’re just being stupid. You called someone an idiot… which is akin to a claim that you are more intelligent than that idiot. Yet you did so whilest writing worse than a child, making idiotic grammar mistakes. I am a grammarian, but on the internet those things fly out the window…… until someone insults the intelligence of another person while looking like a total moron because they can’t even be careful enough to correct grammar rules taught in the 1st grade – which, I’d like to point out, you continued to make in this most recent post. Your point on graphical quality is not lost, it does not require repeating. Your insult, however, was pitiful.

          2. My god you are pretentious.  When you made your first comment you had no idea that the poster’s first language was English.

            Also I wanted to point out that your comment “… because they can’t even be careful enough to correct grammar rules taught in the 1st grade – which, I’d like to point out, you continued to make in this most recent post.” doesn’t actually make sense.  Is he supposed to be correcting grammar rules that they teach in first grade?  Which rules in particular need correcting?  What did he continue to make in his post?  Grammar rules?

            Sounds like someone needs to heed their own advice…

          3. So you’re saying he doesn’t speak English? That’s funny… he certainly wrote in it. Since you’ve obviously had little to no exposure to people that are taught English as a secondary language, allow me to explain from extensive first hand knowledge… those that are taught English as a second language use textbook English – and, as a result, often use proper English in speaking and writing moreso than native English speakers ever will. Try working with someone in India, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Brazil and other such up-and-coming nations and report back to me on how well they speak and write the language. The problem you’ll hit is in their accent while speaking, not the way they write.

  7. Been playing it for the past week or so on my A500 works great. No issues.

  8. i…cant…stop…playing…need more… constitution points… Have been at it since friday. I kinda like the non-save-bug-crash thingy, if i dont wanna revive, i just press home button and it shuts down without saving ahah.
    Other than that it works well on my Gnex cause im a LVL 39 SLAYER YEAHHH (had i known i wouldve taken another class..but oh well) its addictive. Cant wait for a turn by turn combat decent rpg to come out and suck my real life into my phone

  9. Its hard without buying.the zen points they offer lol… on the general and he’s hard as fuckkkk

  10. kinda sucks when it requires a network connection to even start the apps…

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