Feb 4th, 2012

Google has filed an application with the FCC for a 6-month permission to test a home entertainment system involving WiFi and Bluetooth enabled devices. While I don’t quite understand all the legal-speak, it seems quite clear that the system has to do with Android@Home, which was announced at Google I/O 2011. You can find the application here.

Please explain in the area below why an STA is necessary: 

Google is developing an entertainment device that requires testing outside the laboratory environment. The device is in the prototyping phase and will be modified prior to final compliance testing.

Please explain the purpose of operation: 

Testing throughput and stability of home WiFi networks using an entertainment device. Testing will include functional testing of all subsystems, including WiFi and Bluetooth radio. Users will connect their device to home WiFi networks and use Bluetooth to connect to other home electronics equipment. This line of testing will reveal real world engineering issues and reliability of networks.

What do you think said “entertainment device(s)” will include? With Android@Home, Android Open Accessory, and Google TV yet to make a huge splash, it could be Google I/O 2012 where physical products, accessories, and readily available apps and games make their first appearances. What do you think Google is dreaming up?

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