Motorola DROID Bionic Update 5.9.902 Rolling Out Now


After Verizon posted details about a new software upgrade heading out to Motorola DROID Bionic users, we figured it’d only be mere days before folks actually started getting the update. Well here we are on the last day of the week and our inbox was flooded with reports from users that they’re being notified of the update being available. Here’s a quick primer on what’s changing:

he changelog states that V-Cast Apps and Amazon MP3 are both preloaded. We’ve also got improvements for data connectivity and stability, WiFi mobile hotspot fixes, improvements in overall device stability and a lot more. The full changelog found in this PDF file should give you a great idea of what to expect.

And the rest of it an be had in this file. Be sure to check for the update and enjoy the taste of sweet, sweet progress. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Got it.  Installed it.  Didn’t break forever root.  That’s a plus.  

  2. How smooth does it feel in comparison to 893?

    1. I can’t really say.  I installed the never-released 901 update right after I got my Bionic.  I’ve been running that since the get-go.  there were, however, no issues with upgrading from 901 to 902.  I am forever-rooted and it didn’t break my tethering hack.  

      901 was a very nice build.  I don’t see much of a difference since the 902 update, really.  

  3. I am getting “Check for update is not available at this time.”

    I am 100% stock, never rooted, never replaced the SIM card or anything, I got the December update fine, and have done a reboot and tried it on 4G, on wifi, on & off charge cable.

    Other than a factory reset, I’m not sure what else to try.

    Unless the update is only rolling out and some of us just need to be patient? I don’t mind being patient but would like to know whether that’s the case or if there’s something up with my phone.

    1. Just wait.  I’m sure it’ll be available in time.  

  4. If it ain’t ICS, it ain’t worth reporting.

  5. Went from 80 apps to 86 with this update wtf man..

    1. Some slingbox app that wants me to pay a $50 deposit and $10 a month to watch tv on my phone
    2. An added download icon which shows everything I’ve downloaded off the web which is actually somewhat useful
    3. An emergency alerts app.
    4. Amazon MP3
    5. Vcast apps
    6. MOG Music

    I now have 41 uninstallable pre-installed apps that aren’t part of Android or Google.

    Moto is getting played by Verizon, they won’t let them unlock bootloaders and they load their phones up with as much garbage as they can.

  6. I do not think this did anything. I know when I called verizon they said that they would be giving an update to help connectivity between 3g and 4g switch. Adding more apps make me want to scream at verizon. Just root your phone and get this crap off. 

  7. The camera appears to be much improved- might even be usable now

  8.  I installed this update this morning and I noticed my available memory is now around 250 instead of the 350-375 it used to stay around before.  I checked my apps and I really don’t have any extra apps running now.  Angry birds now keeps doing momentary stops when playing and I think it is a memory issue

  9. Received update, camera improved and faster, allot faster. smooth. Was
    about to go a buy  another phone. After 8 months, whom owes all of
    us compensation for what we paid for and never had.

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