Feb 10th, 2012

For quite some time, the United States mobile market has been dominated by four main players: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The past few years we’ve seen consolidation, with Verizon acquiring Alltel, and more recently AT&T failing to acquire T-Mobile. Each carrier tries to brand themselves a certain way, but are they successful? I’m curious to hear what our readers think about each of the Big 4 American mobile carriers.

From a few years back, I would have said:

  • Verizon = most reliable and best coverage, home of the Droid
  • AT&T = home of the iPhone
  • T-Mobile = best value, pretty t-mobile girl
  • Sprint = PTT, value, more recently unlimited data

But the last few years the market has changed a ton. Does the failed T-Mobile acquisition leave magenta colored egg on AT&T and T-MO? Have the varying speeds of 4G rollouts altered any opinions? How about device selection?

Remember: before Android, Verizon was considered the most locked down carrier on the planet. That may (still) be partially true, but Verizon was only 2nd to T-Mobile in adopting Android. Back then, AT&T seemed like they would NEVER get an Android phone.

There was also a time when WebOS was going to be the next big thing. Nobody cared about Android, Palm stock was surging, and Sprint was lined up to be the exclusive launch partner of the Palm Pre. For awhile there, I think Sprint had the best lineup of Android devices. The EVO was a hit and getting the Nexus S was huge… but the playing field has (at least) seem to level out in terms of product offerings.

Times change. Opinions fluctuate. But I want to know, RIGHT NOW, what is your opinion of each carrier? Hit up the comments and let us know…

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— AT&T: opinion here
— Sprint: opinion here
— T-Mobile: opinion here
— Verizon Wireless: opinion here
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