LG to Showcase “New Revolutionary Smartphones for 2012” at Mobile World Congress


LG’s sending out press invites to members of the media for a showing at Mobile World Congress where they’ll show off “revolutionary new smartphones for 2012.” Just as a reminder, we’re expecting to see some great phones from LG including the 5 inch LG Optimus Vu, the quad-core LG X3 and the LG P700 and LG P880. We’ll be front row and center for all of their announcements at Mobile World Congress so keep us in mind come February 27th when all of this is going down.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Lg will have to put out something great with minimal problems that look good if they want my monayyyy

  2. I highly doubt that LG can make smartphone that can truly can revolutionize the mobile industry. Given the fact most of their smartphone offerings have been lack luster and not appealing in terms of design. They also are imitators of Samsung touchwiz ui and its launcher. Yea, pretty much I wouldn’t get my hopes up with an LG smartphone. 

    1. Just the fact that they copied TOUCHWIZ is a huge fail. Seriously, why? Who was like, “yeah, touchwiz is a pretty slick UI, let’s imitate it.”? They need to be fired.

  3. Hopefully they’ll at least release the X3 with stock ICS. That with a quad core would be mighty attractive to a lot of people I’d bet.

  4. Yea right, revolution my ass.
    The Optimus 2x was not a revolution at all when it came to hardware, and I seriously doubt this one will be either.

  5. You know what would be revolutionary? LG Announcing that they will update my LG REVOLUTION to ICS. Any time this year would be fine. It’s pathetic that what was supposed to be a top of the line phone in July didn’t get Gingerbread until Nov. and may never get ICS. Not to mention the random reboots both my original revo and this warrantied replacement. Also thanks vzw for punishing the earlier adopters of lte phones-none have announced ics yet and other than the tb (maybe) none will probaby ever get it.

    I will never buy another LG phone again. Totally in envy of the Nexus I got for my wife. And I long for the Droid 4’s keyboard. It’s pretty cheap off contract, I might need to get that at some point.

    On the flip side, the revo is nicer that the BB Tour I upgraded from.

  6. My B-Day is on the 28th can you take me along there as a present? I’ll promise to visit this site everyday for the rest of my life if you do (i have brain cancer so it wont be that long though).   :-)

  7. Wow…..I thought we were going to see less devices put out in 2012. Guess not. More phones less updates. Ahhhhh……the world of Android. Just give me the Nexus Galaxy already at&t!

  8.  Yeah, right. I was unfortunate enough to own a G2X. Worst phone I ever owned. The whole time I owned it was a continual battle to find a way to make it work as consistently and flawlessly as my Nexus One.

    Swapped it out for a GS2. Took me a half hour to make that baby run exactly how I wanted it to.

    LG is just a load of crap. Every phone they launch, I hear about problems. The 2X was a completely embarrassing joke of a phone. They have lost any and all respect as a manufacturer, and because of their inability to release a phone that functions properly, I personally will never purchase an LG product again. How they though that was acceptable is simply beyond me.

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