Gameloft Releases Freemium Football Title “Real Football 2012” In The Android Market


Gameloft has just released their newest freemium football title (the other kind of football) for Android and it’s being received in the Market with mixed reviews. There’s no denying the visuals are impressive, but some players are left feeling jipped after Gameloft’s “Real Football 2012” is almost requiring players to fork over their cash in order to remain competitive. The game implements some sort of stamina system that once exhausted, will need to be refilled through an in-app purchase if players hope to stand a fighting chance in future matches.

Sneaky? Quite possibly. But it’s hard to complain when the game didn’t cost anything to begin with. If you want to give it a spin, you can find Real Football 2012 for free right now in the Android Market. Oh — let me know how you guys take to the stamina system (not a big sports fan myself, so, I’ll be skipping this one). For those complaining they’d rather fork over dinero for a freemium-free soccer game, there’s always PES 2012 by Konami for around $5.

[Market Link]

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  1. It’s not letting me download in the US. Anyone else seeing this?

  2. its not there its coming up as another football game

  3. The market tells me the same… This game is not available in your country… So wat country gameloft??

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