Google Plans To Introduce Own Branded Wireless Home Entertainment System In The Coming Months


You may remember during last year’s Google I/O when Google showed off their vision for a fully connected living room, better known as “Android@Home.” That was all the way back in May, and if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard any news or rumblings from the Google camp, you wouldn’t be alone. Developers too, have been receiving the same silent treatment without so much as a peep from the boys at Google. But after some new developments reported from the Wall Street Journal, we may now know why.

Google has been busy developing their very own wireless home-entertainment system — also known as Project Tungsten — to be marketed under big G’s own brand and will launch later this year. I know, it sounds a little far fetched seeing how Google normally likes to stay holed up in their cloud with their software and internet services, but it almost makes sense. Smartphones, televisions and now an entertainment hub — all connected to each other —  providing a seamless, wireless experience for the consumer. Crazy, you say? Like a fox.

While it’s possible Google could be working closely with a manufacturer behind the scenes (much the same way as they do with Nexus devices) it’s not typical Google behavior to announce a new product without several partners lined up. Only question now is who exactly will be introducing this product from Google. Sony? Bose? Samsung?

(Fast forward to 9:50)

The glowing box seen in the video will act as a hub for all of Google’s cloud services transmitting everything wirelessly to speakers located around your home. Android@Home will take Apple’s AirPlay head-on and this news comes only one day after it was revealed Google would be taking on Apple’s iCloud with their own cloud drive storage service. The gloves have come off, folks! Better grab your popcorn.

[WSJ | Via ComputerWorld]


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Google is basically the better cheaper version of anything Apple overcharges for! Charge advertisers not us! That’s a cool company in my book!

  2. I hope they partner with Sony. Would hate anything audio from Samsung.

  3. Googlize me!

  4. Just take my money and quit making me wait.

  5. google with bose? that would be sick 

    1. and way overpriced in my opinion. Never really liked anything bose becuase of their ridiculusly high prices but I would not be surprised if they had help from motorola on this. They are known for making set top boxes after all.

    2. Bose is terrible. Google with Martin Logan electrostatics would be sick.

  6. Umm… tech dummie here.  What’s the difference between Icloud (and Googles just announced cloud storage system) and the 20 gigs of space I already pay 5 bucks for a year on google that I can store and sync pretty much anything I want via google services?  

    1. Google had cloud storage for years and its free for unlimited access. Google has also google music in the cloud with first 5 Gb for free.

      1. Google music:  first 20,000 songs free.

        1. Yes, I agree with what both of you said.  I am referencing the line in the article, ”
          AirPlay head-on and this news comes only one day after it was revealed Google would be taking on Apple’s iCloud with their own cloud drive storage service.”  That’s the part I don’t get.  The taking on Icloud part.  They have already been doing that for a long time in my opinion.

  7. I can’t play the video in Chrome Beta, anyone still want to tell me flash is pointless?

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