Upcoming Sprint Internal Promo Allows Some Customers To Upgrade Early


Sprint is at it again, this time with an all new internal promotion — valid only at Sprint corporate locations — to keep customers from leaving for more magenta pastures. Where, the last time $100 was given to customers who’s contracts were up, this time around, Sprint is hoping to keep customers locked down for another 2 years by offering early upgrades.

Starting February 12th, all an eligible customer would have to do is be willing to buyout the remainder of their contract, providing they’ve been with Sprint for more than 8 months. The longer it’s been since your last upgrade (or contract start), the bigger discount you can get.

The internal promo will run until March 14th after which, we expect the Galaxy Nexus or Note to launch the day after (a little carrier joke there). Anyone going looking to take advantage of this offer? Or will you continue holding out for the next round of 4G devices?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Only thing I read is that the GNex might come out for Sprint on March 15.  I’m putting that in my calendar as my next upgrade date.

    1. Any sources on that? Just curious as that will also be my next upgrade as well.

      1. No, I was just kidding.  I was basing it on the fact that the blog post says ”
        we expect the Galaxy Nexus or Note to launch the day after.”  I was saying I don’t care about upgrading my Evo 4G to a Samsung GSII or Evo 3D because the only phone I care about is the GNex.  Who wants to upgrade to a WiMax phone now?  Sprint has not done a good job keeping their WiMax network up-to-date because they knew they were switching to LTE.

        1. I completely understand. I really want the GSII, but I know that its already outdated because it has Wimax. I just wanted to know if the Galaxy Nexus was being released soon so I could start saving some money, thats all.

          1. They’re not going to release it until they’re ready to roll out their first LTE market so mid to late April fits with that timetable and explains this promotion.

          2.  not true, they will release it soon, they have no reason to hold it till the network is ready just because ONE radio won’t be usable for a while, this makes no sense

          3. So they are going to wait 6 months to release a new phone?

          4. they’ve never previously released a phone with a radio that doesn’t work, nor has anyone other carrier. My guess is that the first LTE market will go live in late April and they’ll release the phone then.  I hope I’m wrong and they release it tomorrow — but I don’t see it happening.

          5. My understanding was that Sprint would release the GN roughly in tandem with the first LTE markets being turned on. Whenever that’ll be…

      2. The post also says “March 14th” is the end of the promotion, but the leaked document says “04/14” so I guess they meant to say April 14th, which means no GNex (in all likelihood) until April 15 at the earliest. 

  2. Waiting for lte for sure

  3. Yeah, they need to come out with better phones than what they offer now … I will be waiting.

    Not a horrible open option though.

  4. This is the wrong time to be buying a Sprint phone.  It doesn’t make sense to buy a WiMax phone right now.

  5. For those whose upgrade is a ways out… Why not use this to buy yourself out of the contract and keep the upgrade until Nexus is out?

  6. i been had my upgrade, just been waiting for the gnex like any other Android loyalist….got rid of my EVO 4G, got a insurance swap for EVO 3D and switch that out for NEXUS S 4G…yea its been a rollercoaster…

  7. End date 4/14 April 14 not March 14

  8. It’s a gimmick. It’s basically paying an ETF and starting over. As soon as a Tegra 3 phone comes, I’ll pay my ETF (around $100) and switching to AT&T.

    450 minutes that roll over
    Mobile to any mobile
    unlimited text
    3GB of data
    Only $90 bucks ($10 more than Sprint’s M2AM plan) for better reception and LTE network.

    1. Sort of… Sprint’s ETF is more expensive than what they are making you pay to buy it out though. Their ETF is $350 minus $5 for every months you have paid. So at 9 months, your ETF would still be $305. They are having you pay  a little over half that for your early upgrade fee. So… you are right in that it’s a bit of a gimmick, however it is a much better deal than actually paying an ETF.

      I agree wholeheartedly about ATT, or even Verizon, being a better deal now though, especially once you start getting into family plans. That is when the discounts really shine, IMO.

    2. You don’t have to pay the ETF if you do it within the month because they changed our contracts recently, concerning discounts.  

    3. Have fun with att and their 2gb data plans not to mention their no tethering policy unless you pay and arm and a leg.

      1. it’s 3gb…  for 30…

    4. yup. I work for att and I want the vivid. I am tired of this evo 3d on a 3g network here in indy where the lte speeds are clocking 45mbps plus. contract expires june 1st (insert succes kid)

    5. Yeah, and don’t forget At&t can “throttle down” your speed by 90% for data, which makes it basically unusable. Read the fine print. Many people have complained about this.

  9. Look.  I like this site.  I read the articles.  Every single article has a basic grammatical error in it.  So it appears that the authors DON’T read the articles.

    Phandroid guys – can you please proofread/edit your posts before publishing?  Or hire an editor?  Every single article has a basic error in it.  This article: ” the bigger discount you can get” and  “Anyone going looking to take advantage of this”

    1. grammar nazi in the house

      1. Wrong.  It’s one thing to have an error here and there.  But every article has at least one basic grammar error in it.  All the Phandroid folks have to do is read their articles one time before publishing.  It’s not too much to ask.

        You; however, are a comment nazi.  

  10. I forgot to mention that my contact is when ETF was starting at $200. It’s about $100 for me to cancel right now.

    I didn’t think of customers that started after they changed ETF to $300.

  11. Im going to gone head and wait for the new wave of 4g phones. Mines is up in oct

  12. I think what they are trying to do now is get as many people locked on to contract so that the 4g lte phones look so good that they reup again.


  14. Sprint is on the prowl.  They are playing catch up to AT&T and Verizon on LTE.  They  know they have wasted too much time and money on WiMax. Sprint is moving aggressively.  I believe 4 cities are due for LTE very shortly.  I don’t know when the GN is coming but I’ll guess that it will arrive just about the time LTE is launched.

  15. Not biting, im going to wait for the next iPhone 5 to come out, then I’ll leave Sprint and there sorry service for either ATT or Verizon. 

    1. the iphone can’t access anything higher than 3g so… why oh wait your a troll go find a fire and jump in it.

  16. Heck no.

    I am about to cancel my Sprint tablet account, ETF or no… it’s just not worth the hassle of dealing with such a sloooow 3G network.

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