Ultra-thin Huawei Ascend P1 S headed to China in March


Huawei surprised us with their incredibly thin Ascend P1 S, which debuted at CES in early January. The phone manages to pack high-end specs including a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 8MP camera into a case that measures just 6.68mm thick. Despite a rather light 1800mAh battery, it’s the most impressive offering we have seen from the manufacturer best known for its entry-level devices for world markets.

Huawei is extending their reach into new territories including the US, but their main Chinese market will still be the first to get a taste of the Ascend P1 S. The Ice Cream Sandwich handset is now said to be launching in the country in late March. A release in Europe is expected soon after and the phone may eventually come to the US as part of a carrier deal. We’re not ready to put Huawei in the same class as the HTC, Motorola, and Samsungs of the world, but if they keep pushing out hardware like this it may be time to reconsider.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Since when is 1800 mah “rather light”? lol

    1. Haha thats the only thing that stood out in this article lol

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