Google Voice receiving update, gets new tablet features and ICS icon


Google is ready to bring Voice into the Ice Cream Sandwich age with an update to the service’s native Android app. Immediately noticeable is a new Android 4.0 style icon, though on the surface the app doesn’t seem to change much from the previous version for smartphones. Tablet users will notice a few differences on the surface including a Click-to-Call button added to the main interface and integration into the People app (users can now initiate a Google Voice call by clicking on a contact entry).

Some users are reporting problems with updating to the latest version of Voice directly on their devices. The easiest way to get the new version is by installing from the web version of the Android Market. The link is below.

Android Market Link: Google Voice

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  1. Everytime I see an update to Google Voice, I always hope for MMS support.  Then my hopes are crushed…

  2. Also international SMS support. What is wrong with these guys?

    BTW, unhappy to see that the tablet support is still half-asrsed.

  3. omg finally lol i hope they fixed the widget issues plaguing us ICS kids =)

  4. Still waiting for more features. But asynchronous SMS sending is a good addition.

  5. Just the plain ability to turn off SMS support at will from your phone is something ive been waiting for. Just double the text messages to delete is a pain in the ass. It has its benefits to log down text messages. but even filtering what text convos get logged down, would be a Hell of a welcome addition. not complaining tho, just some thoughts.

  6. Much quicker now on my 3vo.  Thanks!

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