White Galaxy Nexus hits UK February 13th


We feel like we’re having déjà vu. Samsung is once again announcing their white Galaxy Nexus variant for the UK, this time confirming the exact date of the handset’s launch. The GSM/HSPA+ smartphone will go on sale across a number of UK carriers starting February 13th. Other than a new white casing, which either is like the winter’s snow or the phone’s vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich operating system depending on your preferred simile, the hardware remains the same as when the phone initially launched. If we are getting an updated Galaxy Nexus, this white version isn’t it. Hit up the press release below for more details.


Samsung’s latest Android device coming to UK shores 13th February

6th February 2012, London, UK – Samsung has today confirmed the availability of a white variant of the Galaxy Nexus in the UK. The first smartphone to feature Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus White can be bought in a range of stores across the country from 13th February.

Simon Stanford, UK & IRE Telecommunications & Networks Division said: “After much speculation, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Galaxy Nexus White which follows the great reception the phone has received since it was launched back in November. One of the things we at Samsung pride ourselves on is the choice we offer customers, and we’ve enjoyed huge success to date by introducing white variants of our most popular models to our product portfolio.”

The Galaxy Nexus™ White offers customers all the features found in the original Galaxy Nexus, from the 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display which boasts a market-leading resolution of 720p (1280×720), to the 5 megapixel camera and super-fast 1.2GHz dual core processor and HSPA+ connectivity so owners can connect to and browse the internet quickly and easily when they’re out and about.

As the first smartphone to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus White offers customers an entirely new look and feel, including a redesigned user interface with improved multi-tasking, notifications, Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC support and a full web browsing experience. In addition to a rounded slim design, the Galaxy Nexus White also introduces new innovations such as ‘Face Unlock’, which uses facial recognition to unlock the phone. Whilst integration with Google+™ means owners can easily stay in touch with friends and family and talk over Google+ Messenger.

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  1. Why don’t they do these two color options from the initial launch? 

    1. A better question is; “Why don’t they have a 32 GB GSM/HSPA+ model out yet?”

      1. in white :)

    2. Yeah, why don’t they release the white at the same time as the original. They always screw over their biggest fans, which are the early adopters and launch day buyers. Granted this hasn’t even been announced for Verizon but I would have picked a white one if it came out on launch day

  2. 95% white

  3. I won’t bother getting a white model unless it has white on the front as well.  You look at the front most so I don’t see why they skip that.  Samsung did it right for the Epic Touch and the Note, I don’t see why they don’t for the Nexus.  

  4. The back is white, but not the front? Fail!!! White means white! Not partial white!

  5. Only the back is white? Fail!!! White means white!!! Do the whole thing in white, or don’t do it at all!

  6. Didn’t Apple patent white phones?..

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