Report: Samsung Galaxy S III to be just 7mm thick, launch in May


Korea’s Electronic Times News is adding to the speculation surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S III, citing unnamed sources in a report claiming the phone will measure in at just 7mm thick and launch in May. The new flagship device is said to house an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing camera, a Super AMOLED Plus display, and Android 4.0. Previous rumors have suggested the phone will launch with a quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 4G LTE. If the latest news is true, all of this power would be packed into a frame measuring about 1.5mm thinner than last year’s Galaxy S II. A potential launch date for the phone has been hard to pin down, but May would be in line with the timeline established by earlier releases in the Galaxy S line and seems even more likely with news that the phone’s announcement will not occur at Mobile World Congress.

[Electronic Times News via BGR]

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  1. I hope that plus display has a real none grid/checkered HD display.

  2. BGR really?

  3. Great! I can have a even thinner device that only lasts 2 hours! WTF I want a device that can do have web/phone/sms use for 8 hours make the damn phone comfortable, but thick enough to hold a 2000mah battery at the very least.

  4. BGR SUCKS! No comments = boring..

    Anyway I was all set to get the Inter.. Note but man fuck all that when this baby is sooooo close..

    1. If only the source was at the beginning of the article…BGR seem to make stuff up daily , its the Sunday Sport of tech blogs :D 

    2. Good ole BGR, Breaking news you read about somewhere else yesterday.

  5. how thin is too thin?  especially when we all want bigger batteries.  
    If this is true, they better give it a metal body to add some weight and class

    1. With the RAZR MAXX coming out, I hope big batteries becomes a new trend. Otherwise WTF are they doing making these skinny ass phones with small ass batteries.

  6. Hopefully it’ll have a removable battery

  7. And heat problems due to LTE being in such a thin device.

  8. Phones are getting too thin. I thought the sgs2 was too thin and hard to hold. I guess there’s always a case that will help with this but I like phone that have a little heft and bulk to them. I’m not saying htc heft, they are too heavy for someone with arthritis in both hands and wrists.
    I’ll wait to see if htc can make their phones a little lighter and finally stop using those cheap lcd’s that they always use.

  9. I wish they would get the message that we need batteries that last over and above thinness.

  10. everybody already touched on it. Consumers would rather have a 9 or 10mm thick phones with a big battery similar to the MAXX.  I’m ok with my GNEX having about 15 hours of normal use without needing to recharge, but my next phone (19 months from now) should have a LARGE battery and should last at least a day and half without charge under average use.  If the MAXX can do that at this moment, the Nexus should do that (or better) in nearly 2 years from now.

  11. I have the S2….and it is thin enough.  It doesn’t need to be any thinner.  I’d much prefer a thicker phone (8-9mm) with a bigger battery……

    1. 150% agree just give us a bigger battery

  12. Never mind all these thin phones just make it 8mm Thin & give us a getter Bigger battery.

  13. When will they realize they are getting too thin to be comfortably held and we want bigger batteries?  Surely, they aren’t that clueless to their consumers desires…..

  14. My Epic Touch is thin enough, any thinner and its gonna be uncomfortable to hold with a huge screen! They should leave the thickness alone and put in a battery bigger than 2000mhz.

    1. A 2000MHz battery?! That’s fast! Wait… what? :)

  15. Hand model

    1.  I dunno – that thumb looks kindof sausagey.

  16. I agree with most posts here, thinner is not better, not at this point. SGS2 is as thin as I would want, given the phone has to be in my jeans pocket most the time.

  17. 22 comments and not a single complaint about the SGS3 “only” having a 8MP camera vs 12MP. Thanks for understanding (hopefully) that >MP != >quality! :)

    And let me just add to the chorus: Moar battery! Less anorexia!

    1. Psh. Have you seen the video quality of the Galaxy S II in 1080P? Its so grainy and shitty!

  18. I thought this might be a real report until I saw the source. Anything that comes from bgr that’s s insider source, should be a rumor.

  19. I only hope the May release date is world wide, and that the US version doesn’t get delayed by another 6 months like SGSII.

  20. Better be an HD screen, bigger than 4.3inch, and have at least a 2000mah (preferrably 2500+) battery

  21. Do Samsung never learn?
    There are 2 main issues with making it thinner:1. Less room for batteries.
    2. Heat.

    2. is seen on the Galaxy S 2 for instance.
    The phone turns down the brightness because it gets too hot, I can’t imagine what this thing will do.

    This spec sheet seems unlikely anyway, 2gb of ram is a complete waste, and it drains more power than necessary.

    1. The phone turns down the brightness due to heat?
      Noob its called auto brightness…..bless him

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