Samsung schedules March 22 event in France, speculation begins about Galaxy S III


Samsung is planning an event for March 22nd in France, and the speculation has immediately turned to the potential launch of the Galaxy S III. With the smartphone manufacturer opting to forego the announcement of their new flagship model at MWC and recent rumors pegging the phone with a May release date, the timing leaves the door wide open. Local press were first to receive invites — French site FrAndroid among them — suggesting that whatever is to be unveiled will be in one way or another infused with Google’s mobile OS. While we can make a strong case for a Galaxy S III reveal, we could also be dealing with an event related to Samsung’s Google TV product launch. The company is also making plans to introduce the world to their new selection of internet-connected TVs at a private event. Given a seeming lack of international invitations, we could also be dealing with a regional product launch not on the same scale as the unveiling of the latest and greatest product Samsung has to offer. Throw it in the stew of Galaxy S III rumors that has been simmering since the last iteration hit shelves and flavor it with a pinch of salt for now.

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  1. No Sony, HTC, Motorola, or LG phone can gain this level of anticipation.  I can’t flippin wait.

    1. …exactly.

  2. Wonder how long it will take to reach one of the bigs in the us…

  3. You’d think after spending so much on a superbowl ad they would launch a phone in America..

  4. I think Samsung is really getting it together here and hopefully it’ll get carriers to start calling the phone just Samsung Galaxy S III and it’ll build more of a following like iOS.  The GS2 and Note are really nice gadgets.  

  5. Will again be a disappointing device like 16GB for European marked

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