Video: The future in the eyes of Corning (Part 2)


Corning has gained immense popularity among Android users. Their fortified glass keeps many of our devices’ screen scratch-less. Surely, you have seen those beat up devices with perfect screens. Well, Corning is not stopping there. In fact, they see great things for the future of glass use in technology.

It is always fun to see how companies envision the future of technology. You may recall the video “A Day Made of Glass,” which was released last year. This video is its continuation, and is named “A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day.”

The video displays how technology will improve our lives. From entertainment to the classroom or office, companies envision us doing things that we currently only see in sci-fi movies. But we guess the day is not too far, right? We did see the Samsung Smart Window at CES, which was quite unbelievable, as well.

We will go ahead and post both videos below. So check the first one, as well, if you haven’t yet. Enjoy!

[Via Engadget]

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  1. I love how my phone is falling apart but the screen is still in perfect condition.

  2. one day… one day…

  3. There is no CG in this video. Corning has made all of these work in the real world and produced them just for this project.

    Leaving my own personal dreamworld to jump back, for just a moment, into reality… The AR stuff was awesome.

  4. when my parents were my age (20’s) they had rarely used computers at all, now, my generation uses them dailey, i personally use them basically 24/7, and they are millions times more powerful. i see this as a very realistic future for the next 30-40 years. it all just depends on whether someone will actually create these technologies, the ability to do them will certainly be there

  5. Right, and all this will only be available in China, ’cause that were all jobs will go. In this part of the world we all be collecting cans for food and sleep in sheds.

    1. Who cares if all manufacturing jobs go there. Do you really think US is a blue-collar society anymore? Or do you want it to be? US should move on to better jobs, and have companies that design and sell products in US, and just manufacture them in China.

      Manufacturing jobs will be replaced by robots in 5-10 years anyway – even in China. If US really cared about “manufacturing” and not necessarily about “manufacturing jobs”, they would start building factories full of robots and become the world’s leader in manufacturing efficiency. I’m sure that would attract a lot of investments in US, as all global companies will start wanting to have their products built in US.

  6. It is a dream! I want one of everything please!

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