A few fun facts from Staples’ new tablet infographic


Staples has just released a brand new infographic on tablets, filling our weekend with a bit of fun facts. Many of us have tablets, and many of us love our tablets, but how do we interact with our tablets on a daily basis?

According to Staples, the average tablet user uses these devices for about 90 minutes a day, and that most users own 10″ devices. And whether you are in the road (88.3%) or sitting in the throne (35%), tablets seem to be improving our experience greatly.

80% of tablet users mentioned that tablets have improved their work life. Also, it seems like many of us are switching to electronic books, since about 25% of the surveyed users are reading less printed material, as compared to before. And that makes sense, purchasing a tablet might be more convenient than purchasing an e-book reader. Tablets have much more functionality, so you hit two birds with one stone.

It is also mentioned that there will be about 82.1 million tablet users by 2015, which makes for a rather impressive number. As we know, tablets are currently taking over, even threatening the PC market (depending on your personal needs). And with the average user purchasing about $34 in apps (per year?), the Android market should be getting that much better.

Check out the infographic and let us know how you relate to these statistics. Are most of these statements true, in your experience?

 [Source: Staples Via:Droid-Life]

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  1. Correction here: 
    82.1 million, not billion!
    Maybe once we colonize space, but for now there are only 7 billion people. :P

  2. Sounds about right to me. Posting this from my rooted Nook Tablet, which has pretty much replaced my old laptop. I also have an original Nook with the e-ink screen, still use that as my ebook reader, but I can also use this if I want to. Oh, and I am currently also on the throne :-)

  3. Agree. But $34/year? Maybe later. But when i’ve bought my tablet it was $34/day easily. Now it’s about $10/month.

  4. have played with them, friends and family have them, and even have a viewsonic g tab (which sucks) but still see no use for them.  Give me a laptop any day.  I love Android on my phone, but give me windows on a bigger device.

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