Feb 3rd, 2012

More Apple patent news today? Sure. Apple’s feeling the heat from Samsung after the Korean company has been able to dodge numerous bullets and now they’re bringing out the big guns. Apple’s patent claims against Samsung in Australia once only covered three patents, but they have recently expanded that scope to 22 patents across 10 devices, bringing the number of claims up to 278.

With the expansion, Samsung needs time to formulate a defense so court proceedings will likely be months from now. Apple won a victory in Australia over the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year but the short-lived injunction was not enough to deter Samsung from fighting the Cupertino company off. Samsung was already set to introduce an alternate model that steered well clear of infringement.

With the way things are going lately you’d think that Apple’s just looking to give these companies nothing more than a big headache and expensive legal fees. They’ve been unsuccessful, for the most part, in trying to get devices off of the market and it doesn’t seem like courts and judges will make anything any easier for them going forward. It seems like nothing more than a game of cat and mouse, at this point.

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