UK Retailer Clove Pulls Transformer Primes From Store Shelves – Tablet Allegedly Not Working Properly


Citing quality control issues, UK retailer, Clove, has pulled the ASUS Transformer Prime from their store shelves until further notice. They revealed the news via their blog saying,

“Because of complaints of faults with the model we took the decision to thoroughly test stock before fulfilling any orders. We are at this time not satisfied that all units we could provide you with are working correctly, and performing to the standard we expect of the unit. We have therefore taken the decision until further notice stop selling the ASUS Transformer Prime.”

Although Clove specifically didn’t mention GPS problems on the device, that has largely been the complaint most users have been reporting since the supertablet’s launch. ASUS was quick to respond to Clove’s claims saying in a statement,

ASUS is not aware of any quality issues with the Transformer Prime. We have already issued a statement regarding the GPS module, and provided a number of options to our customers. We have conducted extensive testing on the Transformer Prime in laboratory conditions and the device is performing as expected in all areas and to all of our required parameters.

ASUS prides itself on the rigorous testing of all products to ensure the highest quality possible. We refute any and all claims from third parties regarding the quality of our products.

Stock availability to-date has been constrained due to massive demand for the Transformer Prime. Large quantities of stock is arriving on a weekly basis and we expect to see increased availability within the UK shortly.

In short, ASUS wants you to know that whether or not Clove will stock the Prime, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the tablet at other UK retailers in the coming weeks.

[Clove | Via Recombu]

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  1. I was really sad while reading these news. =/
    My transformer prime works perfectly. It’s getting more laggy with more apps (running ICS btw) and on performance mode, though. I’m sure the lag is normal with a bunch of apps running in the background.

    1. I don’t think that should be normal at all. Perhaps it can be for Windows, once you fill all your RAM, you have to use paging, but an for an OS like Android that automatically closes apps, that is unacceptable I think. It should close the apps in queue if it’s starting to run out of memory before it gets to have any lag because of it.

      1. Really?
        My TF201 has always had this kind of lag. Its wifi and gps is amazing but it’s only minor lag (sometimes major) that bugs me. 

        At first, I thought it was a honeycomb issue. ICS seems to have fixed the lag but only for 2 days. It came back shortly after. It’s mostly the browser that lags but everything else also lags slightly. 

  2. gps sucks and wifi is weak compared to older gen tablets…thats the reason why its a fail

  3. Absolute QC fail… I can’t believe no one caught the GPS issues before release. Its a shame too, otherwise a great device.

    1. Yeah, very strange that no one caught something like that. It’s like all the quality checking is done by machines and software, but no actual human verifies them before launch.

    2. I imagine the wifi problems would make this device frustrating enough to cause you to take it back. GPS maybe but not as likely. I think that Asus should fix this problem by replacing the back of the device and fix both Wifi and gps issues.  Suck it up or Asus in the Android Tablet market could be jeopardized completely and I would be very disappointed.

  4. This title is very misleading, unless I am missing something Clove is just a online seller…. With a rather outdated looking site at that, meaning I do not think they have much pull or anything. And the title of this to non UK residents (If Clove is even large there.. )  suggest a brick and mortar type store, I was picturing at least Office Depot status…

    1. Clove are probably the most respected online retailer of SIM Free phones in the UK. They’re not a large company but they’re very trust worthy.

  5. I have been pondering upgrading to a Prime, but ASUS’s stand on this is givingme major pause.

    1. ASUS was pretty good about it. Offered extended return policy and all that. Either way, I’d say wait for the updated HD model…

  6. “We have conducted extensive testing on the Transformer Prime in laboratory conditions and the device is performing as expected in all areas and to all of our required parameters.”
    here’s your problem. i wouldn’t be using it in a laboratory.. need to start street testing these things. 

  7. I would never buy a cheap tablet like ASUS. I would rather buy the XOOM/GALAXY tab. Better quality hard ware. They only launch ICS tablet first so they can make some big quick bucks. Ill wait till Motorola comes out with a ICS tablet.

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