New Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaks For The Galaxy S II [Video]



Samsung Mobile may need to better screen their developers seeing how yet another Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Samsung Galaxy S II (international version) has begun making the rounds across various Android forums across the net. Software version I9100XXLPB, dated January 29th, is fresh out of Samsung’s engineering offices and gives us a good look at exactly what Samsung has up their sleeves for the melding of Android 4.0.3 and TouchWiz. ROM flashers are reporting the build seems more stable than the previous version (I9100XXLP6) which means Samsung’s Q1 promise for Ice Cream Sandwich across their GS2 line is right on target. Check out the video below to see it in action.

[Via Sammobile]

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  1. Man I’m kinda jealous…My Galaxy S Fascinate was left flailing in the background mostly forgotten for soooo long while the international GS got it’s update. If they can do a timely update to the GSII series, then I will finally be able to suggest their products with having a warning about updates being so slow.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, so I’m not worried about updates anymore :) yay Samsung hardware without Samsung software :D

  2. Great for the Euro’s and Asian’s. I just wonder how long it will be/take for Sammy to update the 3 US variants.  My Epic Touch would love some ice cream!

    1. Ditto. The hardest part is waiting…. 

  3. Looks like yet another stupid manufacturer has ruined Ice Cream Sandwich with a bloated, stale skin. First HTC with their Sense 4.0 garbage, and now Samsung with their TouchJizz. I will never buy another bloatware Android again. After I strip off Sense from my HTC Sensation and put on the Virtuous Inquisition ROM, I will be going Nexus from now on.

    The ONLY people who seem to know how to do a skin right is ASUS. I love my Transformer Prime with ICS. The few adjustments they made are barely noticeable and obviously haven’t slowed down updates.

    If ASUS ever makes a phone, I will be right there- and no, I’m not talking about the Padfone. That thing makes no sense to me.

    1. I wouldn’t call TouchWiz “bloated” in that it slows down the phone. I think in some ways it can actually speed things up (smooth 60fps scrolling). Benchmarks are insane as well.. It’s just all so ugly. 

      Now Sense — that’s a whole ‘nother story.

      1. Too bad the performance wont keep up with touchwiz :(

    2. It makes “no sense”. LoL!! I get what you did there. =.3

      But if you’re willing to root, why does it really matter what UI the phone has? I mean, you’re just going to get rid of it anyways, right?

      1. There are cases where you can’t remove it :|
        Some devices have locked bootloaders and such.

    3. I agree with the fact that it is ruined the looks of Ice Cream Sandwich and I think going forward with new devices they should leave it alone and add value in other areas. 

      However as this is an update to an current device I don’t think they should make it look too radically different to what the phone user had before.  It’s easy for us phone geeks to flash a rom with vanilla ICS but I don’t think it would be a good idea for regular users to have their device completely altered beyond recognition.

    4. have you actually used this rom? or own a Galaxy S II? You don’t even know how blazing fast TW is in daily life. You can’t even comment on this. gtfo.

  4. Those custom touchwiz icons are SO hideous. They look like they belong on children’s toys, like leapfrog or something.

    1. TouchWiz is the worst UI in terms of looks. And before you say LG’s is worse, it’s basically a slightly modified TouchWiz..

      1. Agreed completely. Someone needs to talk to Samsung and let them know that adults are buying there high-end smart phones, not children.

      2. I respect your opinion but i prefer speed over looks. TouchWiz on galaxy s 2 was the best ui for gingerbread. It was fast and beautiful. Better then stock gingerbread too. In my opinion sony has the worst look and HTC Sense has the worst performance.

    2. I cant wait to grab the SGIII, but the first thing I’ll be doing is rootiing and flashing a custom ROM, or at least use LauncherPRO tochange the icons. They’re just terrible

  5. 1 – Sense
    2 – TouchWiz
    3 – “Motorblur”
    4 – Stock
    5 – LG

    1. Have you seen ICS stock or the new Sense? I doubt you have.

  6. I can deal with touchwiz on a well speced phone like the SGSII but sense on any device is unbearable for me. Even on the amaze or sensation moving around the homescreen can get leggy at times. Thats why I use the galaxy nexus. LONG LIVE STOCK ANDROID!

  7. Haha you guys are such haters
    TouchWiz is kinda cool. I like it
    Sense looks really neat, but it’s so damn slow
    CM’s take on stock gingerbread is by far the coolest. 

    I am finding on my friend’s Galaxy Nexus that ICS is very fumbly.  I hate to say it but I think Google dropped the ball on overall experience.  It looks beautiful, but it ain’t so friendly.

    1. What?
      I’m having a wonderful time with ICS, the design is way better, it’s much prettier (Even though I preferred the old color scheme), and it’s easy to navigate.

      Did you try the device for 1 minute or what?

      1. A few hours
        Prettier? Absolutely. It’s gorgeous
        Easier to navigate………. hmm not so much.  It has some big pluses in that dept (the recent apps thing is badass).  

        But the way cut and paste is handled is error prone, and the demotion of the settings menu is a bummer, regardless of the ideology behind it.  

        1. I have a nexus and I definetly agree with you on the copy and paste thing. It sucks!!

  8. Touch Wiz is actually one of the decent skins out there but nothing compares to stock ICS. This just ruins it to me. 

  9. That’s confirmed it for me I shall root and install CM9 as soon as it’s available I don’t want this crap!  I installed Widget Locker to get rid of the crap lock screen and launcher pro to fix all the other touch wiz crap, I don’t see why I should have to.  Samsung you suck!

  10. Coming from completely stock Android devices. (First Mytouch3G, Nexus S, then Galaxy Nexus.) and now using Touchwiz on a Galaxy Note, I really don’t see why Touchwiz is so hated. Things are still smooth as butter, and there are some pretty neat extra features thrown in. Plus if I wanted to go back to stock, it’s as easy as rooting my device, and throwing an AOSP rom on it.

  11. CM9 is so much better..

  12. STOP IT! Stock ICS is the best until CM9 is complete and arrives to our devices. Sense, moto,TW ..those are all outdated  and need tuning..as in more stripping then adding to skin to ICS..I think its time to “rethink” how a mobile device should perform and ICS is the first step up..cleaner more simple widgets that stick out.. less customization on the settings menu and app drawer leave it be as ICS made it. I really think the widgets are the next big thing to STEP UP. Sense had handy widgets that were decent and clean and I actually like the clock widget for the new sense as it looks more simple, clean and still sticks out…perhaps tainted blue glass widgets to match the rest of ICS ..IMO widgets that dont cause much lag and look elegant will make these skinned devices beautiful and will attract more customers. What do you guys think

  13. I liked TouchWiz on my Galaxy S, but after putting ICS on it, I would never go back to TouchWiz. Knowing what it normally looks like, that above video looks hideous.

  14. Personally for me

    1) Sony’s UI
    2) Touchwiz
    3) Moto Ninja blur
    4) Sense
    5) ICS

  15. I flashed this ROM for an hour. Even though Touchwiz is fugly, I like how slick it is. But I couldn’t help it. I switched back to a test build of CM9 on my phone :D CM9 is da bomb!

  16. BLEH holy hell i can’t get used to touchwiz. that phone doesn’t look any different, ICS is the first OS OEM’s should consider using stock for

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