Motorola Atrix 2 Update Rolling Out Now – Improves Performance, Removes Carrier IQ


Motorola Atrix 2 users have something to look forward to with a new software update rolling out to their devices starting today. The update will bring the Atrix 2 up to software version v55.13.25 and Motorola cleverly mentions greater device security — otherwise known as the removal of Carrier IQ’s spyware. Users can also look forward to improved performance which is always a plus.

If you haven’t yet been prompted for the update, you can manually check for one by jumping into your device’s Settings > About Phone > System Updates. As always, make sure you’re on WiFi and you have more than 50% battery before starting. Let us know once you’ve received the update and if you noticed any improvements!

Thanks, Nick!


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  1. First Sprint removing CarrierIQ and now At&t, yet still nothing from T-Mobile about removing carrierIQ from GS2 or Amaze 4G. 

    The press release from T-Mobile on their use of CarrierIQ seemed to actually justify the use, and I doubt they will remove it. One more check mark against T-Mobile.

    Nobody wants spyware on their phone, come on T-Mobile remove the spyware.

    1. or you could just root and not wait…

  2. root.

  3. My step sister will be happy about this.  She just bought it recently thanks to me finding it for free at best buy.  As for me, I have the inspire and always root and rom.

  4. My step sister got a text from at&t about it at 2pm cst. So it is indeed rolling out now.

  5. My step sister got it too.

  6. I think the update has improved haptic feedback (not as “strong”) and made the screen movement noticeably smoother.

  7. Just glad my 1st Atrix didnt have carrier IQ

  8. I don’t think AT&T is rolling back either. Sprint can put it back as easily as they removed it. Oh Sprint announced work with Smith Micro which is now on your phone tracking all that you do. And I don’t think Carrier IQ is spyware either..

  9. After update I have problems with the hotspot, I must try many times to make it works, it says: “3g lost” even the 3g connection is ok, I know that because I can surf through the device in hostpot mode, also I lost the root, someone can help??? any ideas to fix the hotspot and root the phone again???

  10. What upgrade? All this seemed to be was a bloatware swap. Got a bunch of pointless applications but lost the evil Carrier IQ.

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