Feb 2nd, 2012

T-Mobile is currently pushing out a software update for their myTouch 3G, but don’t expect any major changes as a result. The over-the-air software upgrade moves the handset from FRG83 to FRK76C and appears to serve one purpose: to apply an unspecified Google security fix. The update is only being pushed to the version of the myTouch 3G without a headphone jack. Models with a headphone jack or running a pre-Froyo version of Android should not expect to receive the new software. Those matching the criteria can expect to see it by February 27th.

Even with a dash of new software T-Mobile isn’t attempting to prolong the life of the myTouch 3G. The update documentation points out that the phone has “exceeded Google’s support period” and urges those looking for Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich to “please consider a handset upgrade to a newer and faster device.” We’re going to have to agree with TMo on this one.

[via TMoNews]