Samsung touts 700,000 Galaxy Note handsets shipped in South Korea


Since its launch back in November, the Galaxy Note has been slowly but surely picking up steam as it heads towards a US release. In December, Samsung reported to have shipped one million units of the phone globally, and is now revealing that 700,000 Notes shipped in South Korean since the phone first hit shelves. The number was enough to give the Galaxy Note the majority share of the LTE smartphone market in Korea with a resounding 66 percent. It is important to remember, however, that the number does not reflect end-user sales. The figure simply accounts for the number of handsets sold by Samsung to retailers and distributors. The Samsung Galaxy Note will see a boost in its numbers when it hits North America later this month, but the early results show that customers have not been turned off by the phone’s mammoth size.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. The international Note doesn’t have LTE so how does it have the majority share of the LTE smartphone market in Korea?

      1. thank you! I am beginning to see the fragmentation now..So theres two international versions and soon to be the AT&T one or whatever..

        1. How is that fragmentation? Different networks are going to require different hardware. They are simply getting one device out to the masses, by changing the hardware to work for certain carriers. It’s definitely not fragmentation. That’s like saying you can’t make two versions of the Galaxy Nexus to work on both GSM, and CDMA networks.

          1. Because you only need one version for GSM and one version for CDMA..Not that I like Apple but thats how they do it..

            Seriously though..How many versions of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 are there? 5? 6?

            What about the Motorola RAZOR or whatever it is..Theres like 3 or 4 version of that phone..

            This one has ICS that one has gingerbread blah blah..

          2. Yes, and Apple also doesn’t make a 4G iPhone. Not only do they have to make devices work on different carriers, they have to make it compatible with the carriers 4G network. Which means they need to make an LTE, HSPA+, and WiMAX capable devices in some areas.

            For example let’s say you owned a wireless carrier that has an LTE network. Most networks haven’t had the funds to build one yet. So they have to make a different version specifically for your network. Samsung is simply making different devices for what the different wireless providers need.

            So it’s not fragmentation amongst devices, it would be network fragmentation. If Apple decides to make the next iPhone a 4G device, you will see the same thing happen.

          3. you and I both know there will not be 5 to 6 different version of the iphone5 because its not needed..even with the lte and blah blah..

            also each one of those iphones will all have the same software..

            im all about android and will continue to be but there doesn’t need to be 6 different versions of the same phone with 6 different versions of android software.

            thats all im saying.

        2. In this situation it’s just to match the tech of the carriers in each market.  iPhone has different versions for different cell tech as well.  

  2. Well considering that samsung’s sales are through the roof and they have recently become the #3 top phone manufacturer and expected to soon become #2, it appears that your version of “fragmentation” is working quite well for them.

  3. “It is important to remember, however, that the number does not reflect end-user sales. The figure simply accounts for the number of handsets sold by Samsung to retailers and distributors”

    Memo to Samsung: You already are the most blatant of all Apple copiers, so why not complete the job and report end user sales like Apple does? Something tell me their products are not nearly as popular with customers as Sammy would like u to believe :-)

    1. I mean who trolls a site where they hate everything abut the products where other people do like the products?  trolls do…

      go be with Apple, you and us, will both enjoy it better

      1. 1st Amendment :-)

        1. You have the right to post here..JUST WHAT’S THE POINT?

          Go and be with other like minded individuals, your words will have meaning over there… hurry up and get in line for iPone5, iHear its gonna be great! @ catching up to 6months ago technologies!

  4. Do you really think retailers would continue to replenish their stock if sales were not strong? I know you want to win the argument but don’t suspend common sense in order to do so. It’s more than apparent that sales for samsung are going quite well.

  5. Looks great…  I’d buy the American version for sure if it wasn’t for the stupid softbuttons.

  6. MrDSL is seriously ill informed

    IPhone hasn’t even got a 4G phone…which makes his point invalid right from the beginning -.-

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