Steve Jobs Finally Gets An Android Tablet In The Afterlife – Taiwanese Ad In Extremely Poor Taste [Video]


Apple bashing, while I’ll admit, sometimes fun, could be seen by some as in poor taste. I can jive with that. But then there’s this. An ad spot from the Taiwanese manufacturer Action Electronics portraying the late Steve Jobs as an angelic Asian character who, upon being set free from the confines of his former title, is finally able to pick an Android tablet — the Action Pad specifically — over the iPad. Now, I get that humor doesn’t translate so well from country to country (especially Asian humor), but this could be seen as downright offending. And not only to the Jobs family, but to Android users alike.

An Action Electronics spokeswoman defended the ad saying,

“Steve Jobs always promoted things that were good for people, Apple products, so his image can also promote other things that are good.”

Not that I would even attempt to speak for the late Steve Jobs (he was one hell of an orator/salesman) but really… he wouldn’t touch that horrible example of an Android tablet with a 10ft pole. And neither would we.

As far as the ad goes, what do you guys think? Offensive? Or are we being just a tad too sensitive?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Jobs was reborn asian?

    1. No, when you go to heaven you turn Asian. 

      1. Oh, thanks for the clarification. Thank god I’m going to hell.

        1. God doesnt like racist crackers.  Nerds are cowards and pussies anyways.

          1. It’s called a joke. And are you a moron? You just contradicted yourself by calling me a cracker?

            Also, I don’t care what your “God” thinks of me. He probably doesn’t exist so stop worrying about it.

          2. Nerds are cowards?

            Why are you here anyway?

      2. Then what is Jobs’s excuse?

    2. If he was reborn an Asian female he would already be dead again.

    3. reborn asian? perhaps; maybe set off to see what its like to work in some of those factories he greedily profited off of. 

  2. I thought only the righteous would be risen from the dead..the zombie apocalypse must be coming early..

    1. Actually, all spirits who came to earth will be resurrected. Where they spend eternity is the conditional part. With a name like that, I thought you’d know.

  3. Jobs was a good salesman, but as a person, no. He was horrible.

    He neglected his family and he was put ahead of others for a liver transplant just because of his name. That doesn’t sit right with me.

    1. Do you have any thing to back up your accusation of getting moved ahead?

      1. He didn’t necessarily get “moved ahead”. But he used his air plane to be able to get another hospital to put him on another list. because he had to be at least an hour distance away for the transplant to happen. So he was one two lists, something that only a handful of people have had.

        1. what he did is done by many people who have the money. it’s not illegal against any rules.

          1. Mate… not illegal but definitely unethical… which is why he’s dead. it’s karma smacking Jobs right in the face.

          2. ok so if you had the money and acted within bounds of rules which he did, you wouldnt do it?
            Now you want to bring up a fairly tale thing like karma?
            Your argument doesn’t hold rational water. 

          3. ok so if you had the money and acted within bounds of rules which he did, you wouldnt do it?
            Now you want to bring up a fairly tale thing like karma?
            Your argument doesn’t hold rational water. 

          4. in respose to androidmaniacss response to  rajats post  
            just because someone would do it if they were in jobs position doesnt make it ethical  
            also, i seriously doubt that that anyone could do what jobs did, if i needed a liver transplant how likely do u think it would be thst i could pull something like thst and get it ? 
            anyways  this is exactly why im not an organ donor . id rather die knowing that a rich corrupted piece of shit like steve jobs could die if i dont donate it

          5. Yep. Only people who have money can do this. Hence the “something only a handful of people have had”

          6. still he was wrong to do it  and even if there is only a handful of ppl doing what he did its still enough to have corrupted at least our country’s values enough for ppl to think that its even “sort of kind of” ok for a rich/famous person to to put in front of any such list

  4. Slow news day?

    1. That or I occasionally like to break away from mundane news stories to post interesting — sometimes off topic — articles. =p

      1. ^ Yet another reason why Chris Chavez > 99% of news reporters

      2. “and” not “or”

  5. Way too flippin sensitive, jeez, in the forums steve jobs jokes were deleted. Its a famous and influential person who died, dead jokes are part of the package. Many others have died and have had jokes made at their expense but Steve Jobs death is the only one in which i have seen so many people getting butt hurt about it. Bad taste? Ok yea i get it, im not gonna go to my granny’s funeral and say, “well now i can marry my interracial girlfriend over my grandmother’s dead body” but getting overly sensitive about it is ridiculous

    1.  Damn right. This censorship and fake sensitivity reminds me of the Danish comics of Mohammed story. Are you guys afraid of being targeted by a group of extremist Apple fanboys?

      1. Ever heard of taking the high (moral) ground?  Eesh.

  6. Where’s Chris Hitchens when you need him?

  7. I approve of this advertisement.

  8. Jobs was a douche, he deserves no sympathy.

  9. It’s very offensive and immoral. This is just downright wrong and tasteless, like the tablet itself. Steve Jobs deserves a lot of respect. Although I don’t agree with many of Apple’s politics, Steve was a genius and he was very good at giving people what they want in terms of products.

    1. So why the hell people have no issues with cracking jokes and using images of other geniuses, like Albert Einstein, but all of the sudden Jobs is untouchable? Makes no sense to me. Fanboys should be thankful he was not depicted in hell.

  10. The ad is not offensive… it’s a dig at a competitor. apple fanboys need to learn to have a sense of humour.

  11. ”There may, indeed, be cultural nuances shimmering in the winds here. On the other hand, there may simply be a venal attempt to sell an inferior product on the back of the recent death of the world’s most famous tech icon.” concluded Chris Matyszczyj at Cnet piece with hedline:
    ”Taiwan tablet ad misplays Steve Jobs halo effect” — DAN BLOOM ON THE GROUND IN TAIWAN SAYS: I think this was just a case of cultural and religious differences East and West and no intentional brouhaha was meant by the creatives who put the ad together for a Taiwanese audience. In fact, the Taiwanese people love the ad, and think it is FUNNY and CUTE and KUSO. ”And never the Mark Twain shall meat!” SIGH.

  12. Chris, fyi, i broke the JOBS TAIWAN TV ad story on Jan. 21 and sent tip to Nicole martine at CULTOFMAC, no credit to me as legwork?
    Jan. 21 and Jan 22. i posted ad and story……at least credit
    my YTube channel MrDanBloom here too on Jan, 21 youtube-

  13. It’s an effin AD!! get the eff over it!

  14. Hope they have good lawyers!

  15. Dead jokes are one thing. They were and they will be. I see another problem. Steve Jobs is generally accepted as a semi-god by most of the population. This kind of ad casts Android into bad light, don’t you think?

  16. well the only words i understood was “THANK GOD!”

  17. anything making fun of jobs is great.

  18. Jobs was truly a jerk, but this ad is awful.

  19. idk,i guess i dont really care. there are worse ways that they could have done this,but i understand where maybe the family would be offended. 

    i just think its an annoying commercial,and the tablet doesnt even look that good. how could you be so excited about a tablet running 2.3?

  20. Jobs was a jerk, he’s fair game in ads and comedy routines. People have to Stop being so sensitive about things like this.

  21. He’s fair game for anything, comedy, ads, whatever. People need to stop being so sensetive about this stuff. He was about as far from being a saint as tghere can be, and he didn’t do anything that I can think of that should hold him in higher respect than anyone else. He ran a company that ripped off consumers with way overpriced products. For that people want to make the guy out like he was some kind of saint.

  22. Why is this offensive again? Would it be offensive to put a fake Don Cornelius on a commercial for dancing with the stars?

  23. poor taste my ass….that liver buying low life should be taken advantage of even after death

  24. “extremist Apple fanboys” I assume the best description would be a bunch of Barista’s whipping soy latte’s at any “conformists”

  25. Too soon.

  26. That was horrible, the pad tht is. Look the 1st Android prototype!

  27. I heard him and Micheal Jackson were raving over their new G-nex’s.

  28. Imagine your brother dying , and someone posing as him selling something he would never even touch.. on a commercial. It hurts me if I think of it like that :s poor jobs

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