Feb 1st, 2012

You may remember from a previous post that because of change in Sprint’s terms, some Sprint customers were able to get out of their contracts early. Well, following that news, it seems Sprint is making moves to keep “upgrade eligible” customers from leaving by offering up discounts anywhere from $25, $50, to $100, all for remaining loyal to ‘Ol Yeller. While we’re not exactly sure of the criteria Sprint is using to select these lucky customers, (how many months do you need to be off-contract?), we find it interesting the timing of the promotion, where customers who’s contracts were affected by Sprint’s change in discounts gives them until the end of February to cancel ETF free.

Those that don’t have any intention of leaving may be able to cash in on this new promo, which when combined with an existing upgrade, offers a substantial discount on a new device. The offer begins Feb. 5th and will last until March 18th. Now might be a good time to call customer service to see if you apply. Keep in mind, taking advantage of Sprint’s promo offer will lock you in for another 2-years so choose your device wisely.

[Via SprintFeed]


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