Samsung Infuse 4G finally receives its update to Gingerbread


Remember when AT&T promised a Gingerbread update would reach the Samsung Infuse 4G by the end of August? It seems like a cruel joke looking back, but it appears the long-awaited software upgrade is finally ready to roll. We were tipped off to the possibility yesterday and, sure enough, AT&T has made it official as of today. The update is not being pushed over-the-air — users will need to download the latest version of Samsung’s Kies Mini to sideload Android 2.3.6 onto their device. Aside from the prerequisite changes one might expect with a move to Gingerbread, users can expect to see an improved TouchWiz keyboard, some new widgets, and a few new display font options. The full changelog can be found at the AT&T link below as well as instructions on how how to complete the update. Infuse owners should take the opportunity to enjoy the new software. You never know if Ice Cream Sandwich will make it to the device, let alone how long that wait could be.

[AT&T via AndroidForums]

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  1. The link on the AT&T site to Samsung does not work. 

  2. I’ve been checking for the update via Kies mini all morning, and didn’t see any shit yet.  When exactly they rolling out this update.  I’ve been checking for this update everyday since their first promise.

    1. It looks like the update isn’t quite live yet on Samsung’s end…can anything ever go right with these OS upgrades?

    2. Keep looking.

  3. talk about slow

  4. By the time they come out with ICS, or if they come out with ICS for the Infuse 4g, I will be gone to a new phone, and it will not be a Samsung.

  5. AT&T edited their post, and removed all the links to Samsung.  What the hell is going on with these two love birds????

  6. At&t is so full of shit when it comes to update. My Craptivate waited 8 months to get the download. The infuse has been out probably 10 months before getting it, and it looks like my LG Thrill will follow the footsteps. Makes me think its all at&T’s fault for delays!

    1. Hahahahahaha!!

  7. Hurray, Samsung almost, sort of , kinda gives you an update to last years OS, when the new one has already been out for three months.

  8. Be careful about updating so quickly. My captivate lost root privileges and the only way to root the stock gingerbread tomorrow was to install a custom kernel with cwm recovery built into it. I have been using miui rom with gingerbread 2.3.7 on my infuse for awhile now and I’m very happy with it and see no reason to downgrade to the stock rom.

  9. No way Philip!  My sister’s husband’s brother who had a kid with my neighbor’s wife told me that her step-uncle made the same amount after posting comments randomly on articles that have nothing to do with the post itself.  That’s amazing!

  10. 8:00pm here in the west coast. Still not live on the Kies Mini :P 

  11. Pictures of some things I noticed were different. In general, it’s faster. Gallery used to take forever to load and it loads very quickly now. When sharing a photo, the options load much faster. This is just from me playing with it for about a half hour. Album: http://imgur.com/a/nmVV8

  12. check out guys. i got the upgrade button on kies mini. looks like its already online for everyone.

  13. proof and why I haven’t upgraded yet

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