Jan 27th, 2012

Judge Andreas Voss works quickly, no? It was only one week ago that the judge ruled in Apple’s favor regarding a 3G patent claim from Samsung, and the second of Samsung’s five claims has been denied this morning.

Florian Mueller, who reportedly attended the sessions, says that the judge’s two rulings may have been based more on the validity or infringement of the patent and mentions that Samsung’s three other 3G claims and two other software experience claims may still have a chance.

To be honest it’s hard to understand the thought processes behind these rulings but we can’t say we’re patent experts at all. For what it’s worth, Forbes believes that EP 1,005,726 is the specific patent being ruled on today, but that is not confirmed. Read below for that patent’s description:

“The patent covers turbo encoding and decoding device as well as method for process frame data according to quality-of-service. ”

A turbo channel encoding/decoding device for a CDMA communication system. The device segments an input frame into multiple sub frames of an appropriate length when the input data frame is very long, and then encodes and decodes the sub frames. Otherwise, when the input data frames are very short, the device combines input frames into one super frame of an appropriate length and then encodes and decodes the super frame. After frame encoding/decoding, the frames are recombined into the original input frames.

[FOSS Patents, Forbes]

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