European Commission approves Sony takeover of Sony Ericsson


Inching one step closer to completely eradicating the Ericsson name from all future Xperia handsets, the European Commission has approved Sony’s takeover of Sony Ericsson. The deal comes as Sony looks to integrate its line of Android smartphones more deeply into its product lineup, allowing for greater interoperability between Xperia handsets and internet-connected televisions, tablets, and media devices. Complete ownership for Sony comes at a price of €1.05 billion and includes the acquisition of a selection of patents and cross-licensing with other Ericsson intellectual property.

[Reuters via AndroidCentral]

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  1. how long do we have to wait before playstations can acces and run android market apps? :P

    1. Long long time they don’t  want us doing anything that would allow us to believe its our device.

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