Flurry: Kindle Fire closes in on Galaxy Tab as top Android tablet


There’s a new sheriff in town according to Flurry, an analytics company tracking tens of thousands of Android applications. After crunching the numbers on Android tablet usage the firm found that the Amazon Kindle Fire has quickly closed the gap with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In November, the Galaxy Tab (no specific model is named) accounted for 63 percent of the Android tablet market in terms of application sessions tracked by Flurry. The fledgling Kindle Fire only accounted for 3 percent  during its first month on the market. Fast forward to the new year and the Kindle Fire has exploded in popularity, joining the Galaxy Tab at the top of the heap with both devices holding a 36 percent share.

Given Flurry’s method of collecting data, the percentages presented do not necessarily represent a true picture of actual market share. In this case, the Kindle Fire’s close ties to Amazon’s online content have led to a greater ratio of paid downloads and perhaps greater engagement with the Android-based tablet. There is also the possibility that Flurry’s tracking software appears in a higher proportion of apps in Amazon’s applications store as compared to the Android Market. Still, the numbers offer a generalized view of the current tablet landscape and the results are clear: the Kindle Fire has been a wild success.

Flurry attributes the Kindle Fire’s success to its low retail price, with Amazon expecting to reap most of their profits from the sale of digital goods via their online storefront. So far the model appears to be working, but devices like the Galaxy Tab still hold an important place in the tablet world for those looking for a powerful device with greater functionality

[via Flurry]

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  1. First I read that as “Furby”… then I read it as “Furry”…  DON’T JUDGE ME!

    Cheers to y’all who can work effectively on the 7” screen… had a chance to use one over the holidays but I’ve been using my Xoom for almost a year — I found the loss real estate very restrictive.

    1.  I like the mobility of the 7″ tablets, but I’m the same as you, 10.1″ is more functional for me.

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  2. No duh. The Kindle fire is a cheap alternative for broke people.

    1. The Lenovo ideapad a1 is the same $200. I’m willing to put more money on the way they cover the marketshare. People on the Kindle fire have a much smaller choice of paid apps to choose from, regular tablets have a larger one.

  3. I was surprised by the small Xoom share…Still love my ASUS. Had the Acer for a bit…which I also liked.

  4. The only reason the GTab share is so high is because they are combining all the different versions.

  5. The Fire’s only just out, a rush is expected. Likewise, new tablet means new Market activity. This isn’t a fair comparison as to which has a longer term future. Also, they’re quite different beasts, especially if the 10.1″ Tab is the main seller.

    It’s good to see them both apparently selling well. If they continue to chip away at the iPad’s market share, the tablet market will be that bit more competitive. I know I shouldn’t, but I also like seeing Android on top :)

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they are talking about the galaxy tab 10.1 I’d love to see numbers regarding the whole galaxy tab line, there is no way that 1 tablet can sell as many as a whole line of tabs. Of course I don’t know that for certain.
    So far I’ve had the og galaxy tab wifi, Asus transformer and now my galaxy tab 10.1, forgot almost about the fire sale HP touchpad that my 4 1/2 yr old son uses that’s running cm9.
    This year I can see myself buying either the galaxy tab 7 plus or the 7.7 and three Asus memo 7″ quad core tab if they can keep the price close to the $250 mark that they mentioned at ces.
    I might even buy an iPad for my son once he is in grad school. His pre school teacher says they are great as a learning device for younger children. If anyone can give me more info on that I’d appreciate it very much.

  7. It is fun reading articles like this. Schadenfreude.

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