Google Finally Adds Option to Download All Songs From Google Music


Rejoice! No more having to download each track one by one if you want to download your entire music collection from Google Music. Google has heard the cries of those who want a quick and easy way to download their collection to their computer and they have come through with an update that will allow just that.

The process is done through both their Music Manager app and the web and it allows you to download both music you’ve uploaded and music you purchased from Google Music. Music purchased through Google Music can only be downloaded from the web twice but you’ll still be able to get that music through Google Music Manager after that.

That was by far my biggest complain about the service and now that Google has solved that I’m quite comfortable with buying music from the service. Head here for instructions and here for the confirmation. [via Lifehacker]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Youve always been able to do this. It just wasn’t as laid out as easy for you. 

    1. I was about to say, I’ve been doing this for a few months on my Macbook Pro. Sure, it wasn’t the easiest (or most obvious) thing to get to, but it has been possible for awhile.

      1. I also use a Macbook Pro. Maybe it’s only a Mac feature. I dont really believe that, but it seems to be new to everyone else. 

      2. It’s the same as on Google Music Android app, you click on corner – – download – ??? – profit

  2. Most of my music is uploaded rather than purchased from Google Music. To my knowledge, uploaded music can’t be downloaded selectively (i.e., you have to download the whole library). That is the feature that I really want. There has been a time or two where I was on a different computer and wanted to grab a track or two to play around with locally and was flabbergasted to find out I couldn’t.

    1. Just click on the corner of the song and select “download song”. I havent had any problem with this. I don’t mean to diminish your experience. It may not have worked for you and worked for me. 

      1. Thanks for that. In the past, that has only worked for songs purchased from Google music (for me). I’ll try again and see if it’s different.

  3. What we need from Google is streaming.  Not want own.  Want rent.  Not want ability to listen to limited collection again and again.  Want ability to listen to EVERYTHING.  Please join bandwagon, Google.

  4. When O When will google music come to the UK?????

    1. I have Google Music & i’m in the UK. Plus I didn’t have to change my IP address to an American one. Used my British one. Only think I can’t do is buy songs but I can stream music fine on my Galaxy Nexus & XOOM 2

  5. They need to come out with a itunes like application so that people would be more willing to switch. Currently Music Manager isn’t organized that well, or full featured.

  6. I’m eager for them to update it to work well with WMP 12. Like, for example, to recognize my playlists.

  7. @pacocornholio,

    Have you been living under a rock? I stream from my 4k song collection every day….

    1. i think he want streaming like pandora or one of the many streaming programs that allows you to stream music not in your collection.

  8. Rrrrgh!!  How about download one playlist or one album? I don’t want my entire library on my tablet, just a set to listen to on an airplane.

    1. For times like that, we have the make available offline feature. However, it doesn’t store the music on your sd card by the actual names, but will appear in the player correctly.

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