HTC Rezound Users Starting to See OTA Update


It was only hours ago that we’d learned Verizon and Motorola would soon be issuing an OTA upgrade to users of the HTC Rezound and reports of people receiving the update are already rolling in. The changes were detailed in this post so be sure to take a quick look and apply the upgrade under the Settings menu if you’re on an unrooted, stock ROM. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Is “Motorola” supposed to be “HTC”?

    1. No, Moto is now in the business of updating the competitions devices. 

      1. Haha, laughing my ass off!

  2. Hmmm…wonder if it will fix the constant “stuck in 1X” issues.  

    1. you must be in a crappy neighborhood or have a bad phone.  I never have that issue.

      1. You both have bad phones, they’re made by HTC.

        1. all the HTC phones I had worked flawlessly. 

        2. Your just a douche but no one said anything to your pathetic ass.

    2. I had this happen to me twice. Yea I am in a bad reception area….but my RAZR never got stuck in 1X.

      All these 4G phones seem to have some type of data issues.

  3. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr epic fail motorola can’t touch the vigor what the hell are you talking about PHAILDROID

  4. Phandroid really needs to get someone to proof read.

    1. They obviously need less people trolling.

      1. Really?
        You must be insome SERIOUS DENIAL.
        This site is THE WORST when it comes to errors and poor reporting including Re factual errors.

      2. How is he “trolling”?

  5. HTC makes the rezound not Motorola. 

  6. by this logic why didnt the OP say “Motorola Rezound users starting to see OTA update? 

  7. Motorola or HTC? Confusing! :D

    LOL :D

  8. It made a huge difference with signal, hotspot, that’s all I had problems with or at least noticed.

  9. Wts proof reading services. Pst.

    1. wtb reading posts before commenting on the same thing everyone else has.

  10. Well I got my update after manually checking. I hope it’s not coming from Moto though, otherwise I might have to go through warranty…

    1. Does ur phone annoyingly say “DROOIIIDD!!” real loud for every notification?

  11. I installed this fine last night, then today it randomly rebooted saying it had to update software. Now Launcherpro does not work.

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