BBC for Android Updated to Add Tablet Support


Our friends at the British Broadcasting Corporation have updated their Android application to finally include tablet support. Devices on Android 3.0 and higher will be able to get all of their news from one of the world’s premier news outlet on the big screen without having to visit their site. In their changelog they also mentioned that they are working on bringing live streaming TV and homescreen widgets for later updates, something that should please many people. Find it in the market here. [Thanks Josh!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can’t install outside of UK?

    1. It is not available in Japan.

  2. says Sony tablet S not supported?? :(

    (Living in the UK)

  3. Can’t Install it in the US

  4. Why tease us in the U.S. when it is not available in this country?

  5. Wonder how long it will take them to bring out an app for BBC America

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