White Samsung Galaxy Note now in stock at Clove UK


The folks at Clove just sent along an email to remind us that the white version of the Samsung Galaxy Note has just gone up for sale over at their website. The latest edition of the Note is identical to previous incarnations in every way save for its outward appearance. As a bonus, Clove is throwing in a white flip cover along with the purchase of the handset, all for £538.80 after VAT. Head over to Clove’s site for more info.

[via Clove UK]

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  1. I’ve had my white Galaxy Note for a few weeks now. It’s absolutely amazing, and the white coloring is perfect. It looks exactly like the pictures. :)

  2. Don’t care.  I only want to know if/when the note is coming to VZW.  

  3. why should the Brits get anything first?

    1. because Brits carriers aren’t as tight as your moms huge V

      1. go get your teeth fixed Limey!

      2. How could a huge V be tight?

        I’d rather say that it is the bastard US carriers (the same ones that love carrierID) stupidity and their insistence on having their own version of one Samsung phone that makes Americans have to wait.

        The price from Clove is still steep though, I got my Note from Amazon Germany for £450 including delivery and I’m loving it…

  4. It’s cool that this 4500mah battery also has a white cover available  http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/samsung/samsung-galaxy-note/mugen-power-4500mah-extended-battery-for-samsung-galaxy-note-with-battery-door.html 

  5. Every white phone is a sexy!!!

    1. I have to disagree, have you seen the white Galaxy Nexus? I wouldn’t exactly call that sexy.

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