Rumor: AT&T Bringing Galaxy Note on February 18th for $300


Even more rumors from BGR suggest that AT&T will be bringing three different devices on February 18th. Despite AT&T’s affection for Sunday launches, that falls on a Saturday. The first of the three devices is the Galaxy Note. The 5.3 inch Android handset is said to be coming for $300. The device is already available over in Europe and other parts of the country and it’d be remarkable to see it coming to AT&T so soon after its overseas counterparts considering Samsung’s history of US launches. We’re also said to be getting the Samsung Rugby Smart on this day, an entry-level Android handset for $100. We’ll see if these rumors are true when that time comes. The Sony Tablet P is also said to be coming to AT&T as the Sony Crystal Tablet.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Rumor: AT&T to Launch Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, Samsung Exhilarate and Sony Xperia Ion in Q1

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  1. OK.  Good.  Fine.  When is it coming to VZW?

  2. In my opinion $300 is too much. Then again it will probably fall down to $199 in about a month or even less on Amazon.

    Will it ever get ICS? Buying Samsung products makes me nervous when it comes to update support.

    1. this is why we root.  Honestly, getting an android phone and not rooting is the equivalent of marrying the hottest chick you know and never banging her.

      I think there are already a few ICS roms out there for the Note.  I just want the damn thing to come to VZW, I am putting off my Nexus purchase in anticipation of that thing.

      1. This is why we root? Rooting and XDA isn’t the magic answer to everything. Developers need source code and drivers. Without source they can’t do magic tricks. End of story.

        Tell that root story to Vibrant owners who to this day don’t have working GPS or emergency 911 calling ability on any gingerbread or ICS rom. Cyanogen dropped Vibrant support because they didn’t have source to fix the 911 emergency call issue.

        What good did root do there?


    2. Thats what happens when you buy samsung. The only way to be sure you get updates is to always buy their latest phone. Because the older ones will always be left behind as soon as the newest one is released. $300 LOL, yea right.

    3. I bought my Dell Streak for $300 the first week it was available. 2 months later, you could get it for $1 on contract.. WTF!!!!!

  3. I’m definitely upgrading my SGS1 for this, but only after it drops to $200 or less on Amazon in a couple months, which suits me just fine anyway, as I’d still have to wait a couple more months before I’m eligible for the 20month upgrade.

    If the GNote 2 with SGS3 guts and a non-pentile display (or another 5″ to 5.3″ contender) is announced at MWC, I’ll have to think hard about selling this on Ebay to extract the subsidized value and put that toward finally going off-contract.

  4. It should be $249.99 like the skyrocket. I hope Sony ion will not be $300.

  5. You realize the Note ( the real International, unlocked, better cpu, full dev community, no spyware, no crapware one used by over 1 million people) is $680 to own. Just buy that one rather than a screwed up, pretend version for $300 where you are spyed on, and  locked in  to a  higher monthly fee without the ability to jump to another carrier. 

  6. Who the hell would want the vibrant rooted any way, you can’t Polish a turd!

  7. Only one day left to get Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T.  Be prepared to have a hard case so that you can protect your Galaxy Note. I just purchased one from Rhyno Technologies web site.  It’s a leather flip case, as in here …


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