Rovio Says They Could Do More Visually With Angry Birds


It’s no secret that Angry Birds’ formula and style is a bit dated. While the bird-slinging game will always have a place in our hearts you can only take so much of it and Rovio can only do so much with it. Speaking to PocketGamer, NVIDIA’s Neil Trevett says Rovio believes they could do more with the game in terms of style and graphics. Dynamic background happenings and particle effects are a couple of the things they think Rovio could add to spruce things up a bit. An entire remake? Who knows. While we don’t see that sort of thing happening anytime soon it would be nice to see Rovio go in a new direction with the popular series.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. wish they’d bring the ability to save game progress to the cloud – that way, when I change my unrooted phone, I don’t have to redo everything

    1. That alone is why I stopped playing.  New phone, all progress gone, stopped playing.

      1. I guess neither of you two have heard of Titanium backup / restore?

        1. I guess you didn’t read the UNROOTED part of the OP comment.

          1. And your reasoning to not be rooted is………?

          2. I never said I wasn’t, but the OP did. Not everyone is a power user or has the need for rooting.

          3. on HBOOT 1.5 – and not keen on telling HTC/Sprint about being rooted (and giving them an excuse to refuse even unrelated warranty claims) by using HTCDev method

    2. Is there any way to manually remove the file from the old phone and add it to the new, kind of like the replacement files they have out there for downloaded software? Hope what I’m saying is clear…

      1. There are some apps (for angry birds) on the marketplace with good reviews that claim to be able to backup the game data even on unrooted devices. Just search for Angry birds backup and you’ll find several.
        My OP was for angry birds to update their storage location to be on microSD card – or provide backup storage on the cloud.

      1. True – but user shouldn’t need to install an app to backup the progress of each game. PVZ doesn’t save game progress either – there are a lot of such ‘good’ games like this that don’t allow user to save progress to transfer to another device. 

        At the same time, there are other games (like cut-the-rope) that will save progress to sd card and allow transfer to another device. Why can’t all apps do this?

  2. i know it sounds extreme but i would love to see some sort of overhead, 3D type view of the entire board, where pigs may be hiding out of sight, but you wouldnt be able to see them unless u scrolled by them. 

  3. They are seriously trying to milk this series.

    1. And you wouldn’t? There’s millions left to rake in. Hell, there’s even going to be a Angry Birds TV CHANNEL (samsung-only iirc).

    2. Just like every smart games manufacturer.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing for example GTA has seen many iterations of the game and it started out pretty basic and has turned into something quite amazing (although I wasn’t the biggest fan of GTA IV myself, too film noir and boy is Ray’s Cousin irritating with the constant call (sorry for the digression)).

  4. JJ and Magnus,

    This is the first thing that came into my head when I saw this post. Where the heck is the promised sync feature?

    oh, and BTW. I have saved and moved my progress from one phone to another using file transfers and some Angry Birds Back-up apps. You’ll need a different backup app for each different game, but it works. Haven’t tried it with My Galaxy Nexus yet, but it worked moving from my OG Drod to my Sony Xperia Play.

    No root required.

  5. Turn-based RPG while partnered to Square Enix with a chocobo and random Blue Dragon cameos. Get rid of the Toucan, that was awful. Maybe Crossover into SSB, but no animated series plz. 

  6. Online multi-player mode please!

  7. To Comment on the inability to backup games when changing phones, I use AngryBirdsSync.  Its a paid app that does not require root access.   you can back up your games to a sd card or dropbox account and then you simply loads your angry birds games on your new device, complete the first level in each set and do a restore.  I have used this several times and it works great.

  8. better graphics is the way to go….total redesign wouldn’t be bad either……get it ready for tegra 3

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