HTC teams with IBM to strengthen enterprise presence


For everything Android does offer, the operating system often catches flack for a lack of enterprise functionality. It’s a problem Google has addressed directly in more recent iterations of the smartphone platform and one that manufacturers have tackled via form factor and added third-party software. The latest collaboration in the enterprise field, however, could be just the thing businesses are looking for. Taking their experience in the enterprise space, IBM has teamed up with HTC to provide software solutions for Android smartphone and tablets focusing on security for business use. The software was shown off at IBM’s Lotusphere and Connect conference, here HTC exec David Jaegar put an emphasis on the new partnership as a way to move more handsets. Aside from a boost from IBM, HTC is also looking to third-party developers to help businesses create custom software for deployment on HTC’s tablets.

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  1. The iPhone wasn’t all that stellar in it’s first few years of existence either.  IBM working with HTC is good but I’d rather see enterprise advancements coming from source code, not limited to only one OEM.

  2. IBM definitely adds a business aspect to the Android
    platform. There has been a lot of buzz about Apple taking over the enterprise
    where Blackberry left off. However, with an established enterprise company,
    Android will build credibility to business customers.



    Mosaic Technology


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