Early Motorola RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaks


Motorola’s promised that some of their latest 2011 handsets would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich and the RAZR series was one of them. Someone was able to get their hands on an early Ice Cream Sandwich-based build of an update for the GSM RAZR and, as you’d expect, there are bits of BLUR sprinkled throughout.

For starters we have a few of Motorola’s custom icons for various different applications. We have a four-way lockscreen circle and we also have Motorola’s custom camera application.

The launcher remains untouched and we reckon there are other stock Ice Cream Sandwich apps still in here but Motorola could very well replace the launcher with one of their own. If you’re a DROID RAZR user, you absolutely do not want to touch this but the screens at this link should give you a good indication of what’s to come. [Droid Rzr via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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8-bit inspired Minicraft from the creator of Minecraft ported to Android

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  1. ugleh lock screen.

  2. How about some of that ICS LOVE for us PHOTON users!

  3. KOLIO: There is an almost fully functional CM9 build for the Photon since Xmas.  It basically runs perfectly except for the camera, which will be coming soon.

    1. That’s kind of a big deal though.. =/

  4. Doesn’t look too bad. Probably the most stock looking of the OEM UI’s. On Sense and Touch Whiz, you can’t even tell the phone is running Android 4.0. 

    1. What Sense phone has ICS already? I was under the impression that the Rezound would be one of the first HTC phones to get ICS and there hasn’t been any news regarding it lately. What do you know?

      1. There have been THREE ICS leaks for the Sensation, fully senseified, and very VERY smooth.  Since they’re quite similar, I can’t imagine the rezound’s update lagging to far behind, unless they have issues with the new radio like they did with the Thunderbolt. 

    2. I agree, I always thought blur has gotten a bad rap, I have the Droid X and it’s much closer to stock Android than Sense or Twhiz,   and actually  Stock android has borrowed from Blur such as resizable widgets.      And Smart Actions is  a fantastic  add on.

      1. Actually Droid X had one of the worst implementations of Blur I’ve ever seen. I’ve helped my mom and a good friend convert to CM7, which is SO much better than the Blur, that it was great. 

        The RAZR, on the other hand, has one of the lowest amount of Blur of any Moto phone. I froze a few apps after rooting, but the majority of the bloatware is Verizon driven, not Moto. Plus the things that are there are actually useful.

    3. Maybe once Google acquires Motorola, they will actually go 100% stock Android on their phones. Considering nobody else does that today, they could even use it as a competitive advantage. Plus, it’s lower development costs and faster software updates for them. Win-Win.

  5. TBH wait for 4.1, ICS isn’t as great as people are saying. It’s very early adopter. I returned my Gnex because multi-tasking is a LOT better on 2.3

    1. You’re crazy bro lol

    2. What is this I don’t even

  6. So is there a blank spot at the bottem where the built in soft keys are suppose to be?

    I don’t have a razr, but it looks like there is a gap between the app tray and the hard keys. Maybe that just how its built though.

  7. I so hope this comes to AT&T.  i would love another Motorola Phone added to my Collection.

  8. Dat sexy status bar

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