“Very Stable” MIUI 4 ROM for Galaxy S II Now Available


One of the most requested custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S2 was MIUI 4 and it looks like our prayers have finally been answered. Developer adyscorpius from XDA has posted a “very stable” ROM and if what they say is true, I’d say that this is as stable as you could ask for out of an initial release. Here are the two things which don’t work:

– MIUI Themes don’t work. Create /data/system/theme to get it to work!
– Initially the permissions manager will ask for permission to Manage ROOT. Permit that.

And that is it, apparently. If you can, though, hit the link up ahead for downloads and instructions. Remember that this is for the International Galaxy S II version. Those on carrier-branded devices do not want to touch this. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!] [XDA]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Never been a fan of MIUI, but there is nothing wrong with having more options.

  2. What about all the spyware, Carrier IQ, Tencent and stuff like that that MIUI always pack?

    1. Show me proof that it packs carrier iq

  3. Do not want this iPhone ROM

    1. Then run a custom launcher, Go Launcher runs extremely fast on MIUI.

  4. 2.1.13 for Sprint has been very stable for me.

    Isn’t the GT-I9100 the European model GS2? Will this work on the SPH-D710 American GS2?

  5. I really like the GUI of MIUI. So i’d like to see that they are developing MIUI 4 for multiple devices. Since I own a HTC Desire I still have to wait for a more stable version. Luckely i’ll receive a second desire for DEV purposes soon :)

  6. Ya make our phones look like lfails ROM LOL

  7. If you don’t want MIUI because it resembles an iPhone, so be it. But that’s not the only thing MIUI has to offer. It’s still Android and you still have the same amount of options you had on stock Android.

    If you want a ROM that’s very detailed, yet fast and good on battery life, then try it out. If you don’t like the stock look, you can download a theme, or run another launcher. 

    Right after I first installed MIUI, I removed about 5 or 6 apps because the ROM includes those features(such as Widgetsoid, because of the integrated toggles in the notification bar). I’ve been with MIUI since the first release on the Droid X and I haven’t felt the need to try anything else.

  8. Whah whah whah ididntbuyandroidsoitwouldlooklikeaniphone whah whah whah.

    Stop blubbing, try miui, it’s awesome. The IPhone theme is just one of hundreds.

    1. true. miui has more great looking themes than the iphone one. i think it was done for those who made the transition from an iphone to a android device. NOTHING MORE. it has a great user interface, very responsive, very customisable. nothing better yet.

  9. Can you run this with T989 (aka Tmobile GS2)?

  10. You complain that it looks like an iPhone, yet you bought a phone with Touchwiz? Huh?

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was reading some of these comments.

    2. Thorin, touchwiz is butt ugly, but it allows widgets on the home screens… which is why iOS is so deathly dull and boring… so given the choice I would opt for touchwiz over iOS

  11. So only international version. No love for TMOUS T989.
    Sad panda :(

  12. if any body need tutorial to install the ROM then


  13. Anyone tried it?? Hows it??

  14. Hey guys! I made a review of this ROM on my blog. You can check it at:


    I also have an installation guide posted :)

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