Dolphin and Evernote Team Up to Provide Skitch and Evernote Plugins for Dolphin Browser


The folks at Dolphin have announced a partnership with Evernote that brings two new plugins to their Android browser. Evernote and Skitch integration is here for the browser and allows you to annotate screenshots of webpages and save them automatically to your account. It’s the same functionality we’ve had for desktop browsers for a while now and we’re glad to see it coming to mobile browsers. Dolphin has quickly emerged as a quick competitor up against desktop heavy hitters like Firefox and Opera and their plugin support will only help move them further. Check it out at the links ahead. [Dolphin Browser | Evernote Plugin | Skitch Plugin]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Dolphin Browser has serious security flaws.. Come on Evernote, team up with Opera.

  2. I used to use dolphin to view desktop versions of websites, but with ics I don’t need to anymore….none of the plugins or other features dolphin has are interesting for me…..but I can see this as being very much appreciated by avid dolphin users

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