“Shadowgun: The Leftover” Expansion Hitting Android Market This Week



Shadowgun fans no longer have a reason to be jealous of their iOS counterparts now that the developer, Madfinger, is finally bringing “The Leftover” expansion to Android. News came by way of Mafinger’s forums where the site admin let everyone know of the spectacular news.

The Leftover expansion’s story picks up exactly where the original Shadowgun ended. More of a love token from the developer to gamers who have already completed the original, The Leftover add-on brings new areas and enemies to run n’ gun.

Features Include:

  • 4 new levels
  • New enemy creature
  • New gun
  • New type of gaming interaction
  • New soundtrack
  • Lot of new graphics, animations and cut-scenes
  • New and improved content in general (also affects the original Shadowgun)
  • New effects such as camera shakes or bullet trails
  • New element in the control – Roll (player can now perform rolls)
  • Tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies
  • Better, more intensive gaming experience

Best of all? Just like the original Shadowgun for Android, the new update will come free of charge so you wont have to break open the piggy bank. We’ll let you know as soon as The Leftover expansion drops.

[Madfinger Forums | Via DroidGamers]

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  1. Free is good. 

  2. Sweet! I was worried I would have to buy the expansion too. I’ll definitely look forward to this. :)

  3. Sweet!

    Just one question about this upgrade.Does this also fix the problem with wireless xbox controllers using a pc dongle that makes the charter keep spinning left?

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