Public Service Announcement: CyanogenModApps.com Is NOT Affiliated With CyanogenMod


A few stories regarding CyanogenMod member, Koush’s, idea to start a CM app store for rooted apps has already brought about a website from a would-be-opportunist, trying to cash in on the idea. CyanogenModApps.com has just opened up for business highlighting “all things CyanogenMod app store” and according to one CM member via their Google+ profile, “is in no way related to or endorsed by CyanogenMod.”

The site, still very much in its infant stages, is more of a placeholder than anything. While we’re not saying it’s totally bogus or that anyone should stay away from it, we just didn’t want anyone — especially our readers — to get the wrong idea. The more you know…

[Google+ | Via TalkAndroid]

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  1. On their page, the image says “cynogen”. Rush-job to get the domain name. Sleazy move.

  2. Now I know…

    1. And knowing is half the battle.. G. I. JOE The real American Hero

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