Jan 24th, 2012

Google announced today that — starting March 1st — they will be streamlining their privacy policy across all of their services, Android included. This means no matter which Google service or product you’re using, you can expect the same exact Google sanctioned privacy policy across the board.

Google has also taken a note from companies like Dropbox, who are now using “plain language” and less “lawyer talk” when drafting out their policies, which I’m sure will come as an added peace of mind (and clarification) for those concerned with how Google is using their information. Privacy in the online world has been a growing concern as of late, with Google’s name popping up in more than a few investigations over privacy concerns.

A handy, easy-to-follow-along video was also provided by Google that you can share with friends and family explaining how, when Google shares information across their products and services, it can enrich and create a better experience for the end user. Nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, when you want out, Google also makes it easy to completely take your entire online identity and data with you. Can’t beat that with a stick.

[Via Google Blog]