Jan 23rd, 2012

Samsung’s ad agency has been keeping themselves busy with their “Next Big Thing” commercials this time, uploading 2 new ads to their YouTube channel today.

The first introduces us to an iPhone user who, upon meeting a lovely young lady with a Galaxy S II, is flirted into converting to a Galaxy S II device thanks to Google’s voice-to-text feature.

The second video — which is a lot shorter — features everyone’s favorite barrista talking with his Galaxy S II friends and them boasting of their 4G speeds. More of a prequel to the original ads, he then runs off with his friends to “camp” in line for the latest iPhone.

While all in good fun, I don’t believe any of these ads are really attempting to convert die-hard iPhone users. It wouldn’t make much sense to make fun of demographic you’re trying to convert, correct? Instead, I think Samsung is well aware that we all have that 1 friend or family member who is a die-hard iPhone fanboy and these ads highlight how “ridiculous” it is to opt for a device that’s obviously “less capable” than the Galaxy S II. But I digress…

So what did you guys think of the latest run of Galaxy S II ads? Cheesy? To the point? Or should Samsung finally bury the hatchet with their iPhone bashing campaign?

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