Samsung Introduces 2 New Ad Spots – “Samsunged” Catchphrase Thankfully Absent


Samsung’s ad agency has been keeping themselves busy with their “Next Big Thing” commercials this time, uploading 2 new ads to their YouTube channel today.

The first introduces us to an iPhone user who, upon meeting a lovely young lady with a Galaxy S II, is flirted into converting to a Galaxy S II device thanks to Google’s voice-to-text feature.

The second video — which is a lot shorter — features everyone’s favorite barrista talking with his Galaxy S II friends and them boasting of their 4G speeds. More of a prequel to the original ads, he then runs off with his friends to “camp” in line for the latest iPhone.

While all in good fun, I don’t believe any of these ads are really attempting to convert die-hard iPhone users. It wouldn’t make much sense to make fun of demographic you’re trying to convert, correct? Instead, I think Samsung is well aware that we all have that 1 friend or family member who is a die-hard iPhone fanboy and these ads highlight how “ridiculous” it is to opt for a device that’s obviously “less capable” than the Galaxy S II. But I digress…

So what did you guys think of the latest run of Galaxy S II ads? Cheesy? To the point? Or should Samsung finally bury the hatchet with their iPhone bashing campaign?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I understand that they want to show off the voice to text feature but Samsung is trying to target iphone users which they kinda have siri that does the same thing…

    1. my SGN got cantonese voice input :)

      just sayin. 

    2. But with iPhones, you have to double-press the button to open Siri, while with the SII all you gotta do is talk to the phone. I know, it seems trivial, but that could be really helpful if you have to use your phone while driving.

    3. Not all iPhone users have the 4S bro… tons still on 3 and 4. These ads might be directed a bit more towards them, as the 4S’ers are die-hards. What make the ads cool is that Samsung is invoking an “idea”, much in the same way that the Mac vs PC commercials used to do. It’s “cool” or “hip” to have a Samsung. If they continue to put these sort of clever commercials out, I can guarantee you that some of the general public as well as some of the 3 and 4 iPhone users will take a look at them. And they will be impressed….

  2. I’ll give it to samsung because those ads are entertaining and I feel like my evo 3d is lacking =(

    1. haha, way to go Sammy!  eat that crapple ^^

    2. hey now! I have the 3d and it is far superior to the gs11 in my humble opinion lol
      just look at it this way, you have a droid = olympics iphone = special olympics
      they do the same things but our times,speeds,powerlevels,range,scores,genes etc. are all better.

      1. They do have one more chromosome. 

        1. I actually like sense… I know pardon my french but I do  and I see someone got the joke lulz

      2. Don’t get me wrong I love android but I hate HTC Sense with  a passion and I rooted my original Evo 3D and the extra ram I had without sense was amazing 

  3. Droid Does

    Best commercials EVER!!!

  4. I love the iphone bashing commercials, I hope they never end.

  5. I think they’re pretty hilarious. I think Die hard iPhone users just don’t realize every thing the Android actually has the capability of doing. I used to have an iPod touch but it broke after 6 months unfortunately. It was great while I had it, but I’m so glad I have a Droid device. Had the Bionic to many connectivity issues, but now I have a Rezound & I love it. Love HTC would have like to get my hands on the Nexus though.

  6. I don’t think the point is to convert done hard iPhone users. Samsung is not really mocking them either it’s very smart how they just take a real life observation and play it back from a different perspective (non iPhone users)

  7. “Samsunged” thankfully absent indeed. I’m really hoping that they’re not actually planning on using that.

  8. I think Samsung’s taking the initiative to spread awareness amongst the blinded-followers, who think leaving the iOS ecosystem will render them incapacitated. They’re doing this by showing that Android(via Samsung since they’re sponsoring it) can help you, in more & better ways.

    Spreading awareness won’t convert everyone, but a few; it’ll let the blind know it’s a sunlit world even if they can’t see it.

    (NOM to any blind people reading this, it’s only a crude analogy, ILY).

  9. They are totally not iPhone bashing. If they were iPhone bashing, they would show apple logos and iPhones. Instead they have white ear plugs and blank black backing with a metal ring around the edge. Totally not a iPhone without the apple logo.


    1. Leaving out the Apple logo is entirely the point. There’s an art to being subtle, not everything needs to be in big bold print.

      1. Leaving the Apple logo out is probably a legal thing. Apple is suing about everything else, if another company put the Apple logo in their commercial…

  10. Yesterday I spoiled a couple’s (iPhone fans) evening by showing off RAZR and Android capabilities. The form-factor made the lady’s eyes shine, the Swype was a killshot, but they still resisted – Can you tell your phone what you’ve just swyped? Google search finished them off.

  11. I’m glad the catchphrase is gone, these are much better. Especially the first one as it shows a great feature, that is what needs to be highlighted

  12. These two ads are great.  The “Samsunged” attempted catch phrase was horrible.

  13. I think these ads are great. Verizon showed with both the Droid Does and “There’s a map for that” that pointing out factual superiority is good for business. 

  14. Apple made a pile of dough from iSheep/fan boys.

    These commercials just confirm my experience with typical Apple fans. Technically naive, not knowledgeable,  not technically adventurous ( afraid of technology ), easily impressed by the slightest improvements that Apple makes.

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