Motorola DROID RAZR Owners Receiving Invites for New Soak Test [UPDATE]


Motorola Droid Razr owners who have signed up to be apart of Moto’s Feedback Network have begun receiving invites to test out a mysterious new project according to Droid-Life. Razr owners will have be going into this blindly with no details given on exactly what they can expect from the “soak test” but speculation is already running rampant. Everything from the usual bug fixes to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is being whispered.

Personally, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Ice Cream Sandwich for at least another month or two. Pound for pound, if both the Droid Razr and Galaxy Nexus were running ICS, which would you choose?

UPDATE: Just as we expected, the soak test is more than likely the leaked Android 2.3.6 update for the Razr. Leaked a few weeks ago (while everyone was distracted with CES), the update mainly addresses 4G connectivity issues with the device. Users that have installed the update (no root required) are reporting a much improved 4G connection — more than any other 4G devices they’ve ever owned —  so that’s a definite plus. The 6.12.173 update also adds minor graphical changes to Blur as well as introduces some brand new bloatware. If you want your cake, the calories come with it. If you want to check it out for yourself, it can be found on DroidRzr Forums here. Thanks, Jim!

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  1. I have a feeling its an OTA to fix some bug issues. If both had ICS I’d still go with the Nexus. I just don’t like the Motorola body styles.

  2. I’ll still pick GN.

  3. it’s not, it’s already been cheesecaked on droidrzr.com i believe it’s like .173

    1. Yeah, I saw that. Think I’ll update my post here in a second.. Thanks =)

  4. Would be heaven if the boot loader gets unlocked too. But I dream the impossible.

    1. Almost forgot about Moto’s old promise. That would be pretty sweet =)

    2. Does anyone honestly think Moto will keep to that promise?

      1. I mean… don’t they have to? Next thing I know, you’re gonna tell me Santa Clause isn’t real. O_o

        1. Oh common now!  Of COURSE Santa Clause is real!!  Who tried to tell you differently?  I will keel them!

  5. I would probably still choose the GNex… It feels better in the hand in my opinion and I’m a die hard stock Android lover… Throw my vote in for GNex

  6. razr is to thin and square to hold (so is the gsII). so still gnex for me. oh and imaginne something as thin as the razr with the nexus curve…..that would be legit..

    1. too thin vs too plastic. the razr was a simple decision for me

      1. the razor is the best device in the history of smartphones.

    2. The razor still better looking than the nexus period

  7. I’m still waiting on HTC to make good on their ICS promises (Evo 3d, cough, cough)

    1. They will. All in due time. It’s the carrier testing that’s the biggest delay although Sprint is generally pretty good about that stuff. 

      Keep in mind HTC Ice Cream Sandwich wont look much different from Gingerbread, but it will finally use both cores which is great. =)

  8. Would’nt want either, the Rezound is the best out of the lineup.

    1. for me is the razr then rezound if it was thinner then nexus.

  9. The galaxy nexus does not have a chance with the razor right now, i can imagine if the razor would have had ICS.

  10. It does seem to fix the hotspot issue. Allows you to connect to all website. Finally!

  11. Hows that NFC working for you RAZR lovers?  Oh wait!  You don’t have it!  Maybe you could swap out the battery with an extended version or NFC enabled one?  Oh wait, You can’t do that either!  Well at least you have an HD screen to drool over, right…  right?   RIGHT?!?!?  So Sad…

    1. yeah because it’s so important that I use my phone to pay for my food at the Piggly Wiggly rather than sliding my debit card.

    2. edit…..

  12. Removable battery, and right-now ICS but Samcrap barely works as a phone, vs locked bootloader, wait a little bit for ICS, but has amazing voice/gps/data connection… RAZR for the win.  (Well actually I’d like the Rezound if it wasn’t so frickin heavy… come on HTC, make with the thinner phone already).

  13. > Pound for pound, if both the Droid Razr and Galaxy Nexus were running ICS, which would you choose?

    If Droid Razr runs stock ICS (no MotoBlur, etc), then, Razr!

    Hardware-wise, I think Razr is a better phone: Kevlar, Gorilla glass, “razor thin”.

    I’m aware that I can’t reach the battery, but I don’t mind.

  14. Not that there is any place to use nfc, but I’ve read they are coming out with micro sd’s that have nfc built in and guess what, I have one of those, do you? Nope

  15. Can anyone spell Razr correctly? It’s not razor!

  16. I had both and I sent the G Nex packing after 2 weeks. Replaced it with a Rezound on 1-14.

    Honestly…for an all around, overall decent experience out the box…. the Rezound and RAZR are 2 great and hard choices. I go with my RAZR cuz it has better phone reception. And this update puts it up there on the Rezound level for data reception. The RAZR might get a bigger edge right now cuz my Rezound has been getting stuck in 1X and I had to reboot it twice to fix it. And my RAZR might be a wee bit better at getting a signal in weaker areas. Its close between the 2…and both beat the G Nex by a mile for data reception.

    See….some of us arent lucky enough to live next door to a tower, or have access to wifi all day.

    With whatever data issues they both have….I will still take it over what I experienced with the G Nex. Samsung looks like the same ole same ole for reception…. :(

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