Casio G-Shock Smartphone Is An Impenetrable Fortress – Wants You To Get To The Choppa


Is it a landmine? A taser? Or both? Say hello to the latest in a line of rugged smartphones from Casio, the official G-Shock smartphone. Featuring looks that only a mother could love, the G-Shock phone mirrors heavily Casio’s successful line of durable wrist watches. Gone are the usual set of Android capacitive buttons along the bottom instead, replaced by physical buttons around the perimeter of the device. You know — on its… muscles.

Like a G-Shock watch on steroids, Casio’s upcoming device incorporates the usual sets of weather resistance you would expect from a device this pumped up, featuring:

  • Shock resistant to 10 feet
  • Water resistant to 1.0 bar (10m)
  • Pressure resistant to 1.0 bar
  • Metal case back
  • Plastic/resin construction
  • Testosterone. Lots of testosterone (may be subject to change)

I never thought I’d say this but — the G’zOne Commando actually looks pretty timid after viewing this beast. Still no word on carrier, pricing 0r availability (or the type of ammo the G-Shock phone will using) but we’ll keep you guys posted.

I know there’s gotta be a few of you out there that like the handsome good looks of this device. Speak up in comments!

[Facebook | GShockZone | Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If I was a lumberjack, I’d be all over it

    1. You’d also wear high heels, suspenders and a bra…

      1. Robert, you are a star.  Not only do you slip in a great reference, but you induced a knuckle-dragging response from a guy who missed your joke entirely.  Thanks for making my day.

  2. I’d actually consider that. I work outside and there aren’t enough good rugged smart phones yet.

  3. This phone is for real physical people. My nephews who just joined the army will love this phone.

  4. I know someone who would love this phone.

  5. Impressive!   Wonder when Apple will come out with a phone this durable ;)

    1. I’m still waiting on one that’s durable at all, and you’re waiting for one like this? Good luck man.

      1. Ha! Very true. I’ve dropped my phone so many times (it’s Motorola…Droid Bionic), and it hasn’t even done anything to the screen. I have a few dings on the outside, but the screen is perfect. Who thought that a glass back to a phone, the one spot where the phone will be dropped the most, was a good idea? It looks nice, sure, but since when was a phone supposed to look nice compared to how well it works and how durable it is? 

        1. Since Apple designed it, and for them pretty > reality

  6. I’m diggin it.. I’ve been historically rough on phones. My current phone wouldn’t have survived this long if it wasn’t for the Otterbox case on it.

  7. It even looks good. Sweet phone. And I bet it will be Vanilla Android cause Casio knows whatsup

  8. I think it looks cool

  9. Robert was quoting Monty Pythons Lumberjack sketch, no need to be rude. On topic, I would probably go for this phone if the tech specs were on par with something like the Rezound.

  10. I would get it. Wouldnt have to buy a oterbox

  11. I’m a software developer, rarely work outside (yardwork), and never go hiking, or snowboarding or any sh!t like that. I sometimes go fishing though. But this phone is so effed up, that I happen to like it. If it was around $200 off contract, I’d buy it as a Friday phone, to accompany my casual Friday watch.

  12. The placement of the menu/back/home buttons looks really inconvenient!

  13. Lol this phone is made for MEN! If I wasn’t so into real power and stuff on my phone I would totally think about this…would be cool to throw it off a building pretty much and have a working phone afterwards.

  14. I hope it come out outside USA. Gzone never available in Australia T_T

  15. I like it. This is a great device for those that aren’t careful. Also is this the first water resistant device we see officially? Other than the spillproof defy

  16. crap like this only happens in android land. I love android but i really have doubts on whether or not i want to trust it out in the middle of nowhere, the software is just so inconsistant.

  17. Those physical button placements are ridiculous. Could have saved themselves a lot of trouble by just going the ICS route and having soft virtual buttons. Does Google give no heads up to their partners about their next Android version?

    1. Well actually there may be a reason to have physical buttons. Sure, they are placed sorta strangely, but this phone is design to be water resistant but when underwater, it’s virtually (pun!) impossible to use the touch screen and therefore those virtual buttons can’t be pressed. Physical buttons obviously solve this problem. But yea, the placement is weird.

      1. Can you please explain why anyone would need to hit any of the hardware buttons when they’re unable to use the touchscreen? Other than checking the time, there’s nothing you can do on an Android phone by hitting a hardware button. “Menu”, “Back”, and “Home” don’t do anything for you outside of using the UI. You can’t even answer a phonecall with the hardware buttons–answering calls in Android requires a slide gesture on the screen. 

    2. It’s also hard to hit on screen buttons with work gloves on, or in the rain.

      1. Please see my reply to @solidpig:disqus below.

    3. People wearing work gloves who need to answer a phone quickly disagree.

      1. Please see my reply to @solidpig:disqus below.

  18. I like it. I actually like the button placement, too. I can see working the buttons with my left hand thumb+index while doing touchscreen stuff with my right hand.

  19. Looks nothing like the iPhone they should make all android phones like this so apple can’t sue for copying the iphone

  20. A shame halo is a MS product put some halo logos on it and paint it green and might sell a bunch to gamers

  21. Far better than casios previous designs.. I woudnt hesitate to carry it but would definitely be worried about long term and heat problems. Would be good for a niche customer. I work in a machine shop and my main problem is metal chips getting stuck in the speaker areas.. would solve that.

  22. I’m more interested in seeing what kind of crazy commercial they’ll have for this monster.

  23. i want it if the specs and screen size are good

  24. I love that phone.. As long as it has ICS or Mango!!

  25. Pretty cool.  Need to know the specs and we’ll see if it’s really worth all that protection.

  26. I’ll only get it if it has preposterous amounts of testosterone….preposterone.

  27. Looks pretty awesome. Like it comes with a ginormous otter box military case preinstalled.

  28. wow this phone is really cool… I wouldn’t get it for myself, but its got some killer features. I can think of alot of different jobs out there where a water-resistant phone would be better than a traditional phone.

  29. Odd looking phone , considered the last G-Shock but was turned off by the clunky software UI .
    Wonder if it will leak like the last G-Shock did ? Another drawback besides clunky UI .

  30. I’d love it…if it isn’t as slow as the Commando.

  31. I own the Casio Commando, this phone’s father,  and would trade up to this one in a minute. Features are not as important as durability, a good phone, clear speaker(s), geotagging gps, corporate email & web and a decent camera is what most who work/play outside need.

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