President Obama’s Google+ Hangout is Next Week; Find Out How You Can Be Part of the Crew


In the White House’s attempt to be more social they created a Google+ page. It wasn’t clear to what extent they’d be using it at the time – just posting periodical updates to new American goings-on or taking advantage of Huddles and Hangouts, too? Well, at least the latter will be utilized for an upcoming chat with the head honcho (for now) himself.

President Obama will be in a Google+ hangout session next week for some post-SotU discussion and 9 of you have a chance to get in on all the fun. Between now and January 28th, upload a relevant question to the White House’s YouTube page. It might be best to wait for the President’s State of the Union address tomorrow before doing that.

The best questions will be answered and those whose questions are answered will be selected to join the Hangout session for some face time with Mr. President. Interesting to say the least. We love that Google+ is being used this way and we hope more corporations, government bodies and organizations come around to using it. [The White House]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’d rather get a root canal.

    1. Ah, I love dishonesty.

      1. I’m with him there.
        Actually, I’ll go ahead and schedule a colonoscopy during this time and put it on google+ .  I’d imagine that the quality of the message would be about the same between the two scheduled events.

  2. You can expect this Google+hangout to get crowded very fast. I mean who wouldn’t want to chat with the President? I hope they have a way to time and organize this.

    1. And we all know the winners will be selected based on what the president knows best and what supports his agenda. hell, i bet they’ll let in a (wasted) question to showcase nObama’s ncaa basketball knowledge. we definitely know there will no debating on here since he studders when the speech is not already written for him.

      *rollz eyez*

      1. When it comes to politics, it will ALWAYS be like that. The president or any smart politician would never invite someone with questions they know they cant answer to a QnA. 

    2. It is totally going to be AWESOME!!

  3. So he can tell us that millionaires and billionaires (like they’re the same) don’t pay enough.. I’ll pass..

    1. Yeah, those millionaires don’t get to own yachts like billionaires do.

      boo hoooo, boo hoo!


      1. so that means that the millionares have to buy cars for everyone else just because they can afford to buy a bunch of them? i don’t think so, how about the people without money start working harder. i know there are a lot of lower class people that already work hard but there are also plenty of them that decide its okay live off of welfare and the hard work of others, that is BS in my book. work for what you want and enjoy the rewards else what is to motivate us to work our asses off to become millionaires ourselves? lets just all be poor and live on welfare, its sounds pretty relaxed and chill… i mean, eventually the government will just start giving us computers and cell phones too so might as well just wait for the handouts 

        1. Spoken like a truly entitled, overprivileged individual who was born into money and doesn’t understand any other perspective.  Hard work is important, but it only goes so far when you start with nothing.  Nothing X 100= Nothing; $ 1,000,000 X 100= get the point?

          1. My parents are middle class, i have received no money though, they only thing they gave me was 4 years of college, what i did with that was work my ass off to become an engineer, now i work anywhere from 50-70 hours a week busting my balls to make my way up. currently i make almost 80,000 a year, but guess what, i earn every penny of what comes on my paycheck, my company certainly feels that way or they wouldn’t pay me that much. now i do get it that i have it a LOT better then most people, but that doesn’t mean i didn’t work for it, i spent my entire school career working my ass off for good grades so i could go to a good college and get a degree that means something to me. that work ethic doesn’t come with being born in middle class family, it comes from me WANTING a good life and striving for it.

            i do MORE then my part on my own, i donate to charities, give to my church every Sunday, tip more then the bottom line at restaurants, help friends when they are in need and donate some of my free time as well if i have any left. ontop of that, the government wants to take more money from me because of the TOP DOLLAR i make, and then they waist it on things like obama-care, a cut rate health plan that won’t really help many people at the end of the day. i have donated a lot of money to cancer research in particular, more then the government would see that i do. why? because i had cancer when i was 19, stage 4, i went through 4 rounds of chemo and am thankful for my life today, i hope that my contributions help making cure cancer CHEAPER and hopefully get rid of it all together, now that is MORE then Obama-care will ever do.

            i get that most people aren’t that generous, but that still doesn’t mean the government gets to step in and TAKE our money to do with it as they please. if i didn’t have to pay so much for taxes i would have even MORE money to donate, EVEN MORE money to tip and even MORE money for research.

            so just because you want some of my money too, don’t act like you know me, and don’t act like you deserve a dime of it, because as far as i’m concerned i give MORE then enough, i take home what i need to support a comfortable life-style for me and my wife and hopefully future family, put a little into savings since i wont have any of it back by the time i retire, and what is left over goes out to charities and research like i
            mentioned above.

          2. I just be trollin

            Don’t worry about the government. You can make more of a difference in your daily life and that’s all that really matters. I was just screwing around and trolling because I dont really care one way or the other. Both liberals and conservatives are completely out of touch. As I see it, If phandroid posted a Ron Paul article and talked about how awesome it was for him to use Google+ I would be just as critical.

            On the topic of Millionaires vs. Billionaires, I just find it hard to sympathize because I come from a similar background to you except without having to endure cancer and I’m probably a little lazier. I could honestly care less how they are taxed because I’m not one of them :(. I was just trolling.

          3. I had nothing growing up…nothing, and I don’t begrudge a single private sector worker anything they have earned….but I DO think that the worthless garbage politicians that got us into the mess should be put on unpaid leave. Dissolve their pensions…their healthcare….empty their bank accounts….everything. Every maggot politician that started out with 50 grand became a millionaire in a few years by leeching off the taxpayers of the USA. Pelosi is worth millions…Obama..millions…Kerry…millions…Reid…millions…the Clintons…millions…all stolen from the public trough. So don’t sit there complaining about what private individuals make when you SHOULD be demanding that your politicians return the collective BILLIONS they have stolen and continue to steal while blaming everyone but themselves for every problem that THEY CREATED.

  4. It’s official, Phandroid is a radical liberal news site.

    1. It’s official. You’re a right-wing nut job.

      1. It’s official..You’re a left-wing nut job.

      2. Umm duh!!

        Actually i’m just awesome

  5. I think its cool. At least he recognizes that google + exist!

    it`ll bring attention to the platform i`m sure. whether you cornballs realize it or not, not only is dude the president but he`s a rock star. just except it. or not…and be like the rest of the rejects.

    1. well, i don’t car etoo much for a “rock star” for a president, he hasn’t done a single thing to help me out, all he wants to do is take my money and give it to those who don’t have any because im “middle class” i work my ass off every day for what i have, i contribute idea’s and products to this world that will help everyone who lives here far more than this man will. socialism is not the answer to our problems and it never will be

      1. So you don’t like him, were our other options at the time BETTER?

        1. well, in my PERSONAL opinion, yes i think there were. but i get that some others have the opposite opinion and that’s fine, but its what he has shown us he will do already, and that is much worse then the face i saw during the campaign in 08′. i would rather have a new president then have Obama in office for another 4 years as a lame-duck president doing whatever he wants because he has met his term limits, he already pushes the envelope way to far for me.

  6. Nice! Haters gonna hate. 

  7. Pass. I love to learn new ideas and technology, but believe I have learned all I need to know from my last 3 years experience from the President.

  8. I wish more elected officials would do things like this. Similar to FDR’s Fireside chats that were broadcast on the radio. I don’t see anything liberal or conservative with doing something like this.

  9. While I would vote for a 1976 Chevy Vega over Obama in November if one were on the ballot, it’d still be cool to get in on this. Just curious, though, if there’s anything to prevent the White House from kicking someone off the Hangout if a participant decided to go “off script” and put tough hardball issues out there?

  10. I would love to ask him if he finds tea baggin’ trolls as pathetic as I do.

    1. Yes, people who protest respectfully with an organized message for smaller government and a balanced budget are pathetic, where as protesters who crap on the street and cry for socialism, because they’re afraid of paying bills and establishing themselves in the working class are awesome?

      1. When someone uses “socalism” as a negative word, you can easily write them off as not knowing what they’re talking about. Socialism has its positives and negatives, just like any other form. But your ignorant shines through with the “afraid of paying bills” crap you must have heard drip out of Hannity’s mouth or something. Not to mention the “protesters who crap on the street”, as if that’s anything but a VERY small minority of them. It’s funny, I’m sure if someone pointed out the Tea Partiers who would rub dog shit on pictures of Obama that they put on the ground, you wouldn’t have a problem, eh?

        1. As a person who lived in a socialist country for half of his life I encourage you to move to any socialist country for a few years. Easy to pump for socialism while living in the best country in the world, isn’t it?

    2. “tea-baggin'”….wow…never heard that before. unoriginality…FOR THE WIN!

  11. While I do kind of agree with most that its not exactly going to be a frank discussion I like the fact that they are utilizing the tool.  The named hangouts with extras are the only real reason to use google+.  My family is all on it now because we can chat 9 deep for free. Also being able to share documents and desktops makes supporting the grandparents at computing much easier.

  12. What a joke.. the liberal media covers for this guy. Now he want the Internet to do the same! what an idiot ! don’t he know that the tech savvy people who spend time reading blogs are more inclined to know the truth about his worthless policies that are crippling America? Can’t wait for this guy to get out of office.

    1. Nothing he’s doing is “crippling America”. Read a book, please. Don’t give me that liberal media bullshit when you have Fox News and right wing talk radio spouting off disgusting lies and anti-gay agendas on a regular basis.

  13. “What steps are you taking to stop the creation of the North American Union?”

    It’ll never get answered.

  14. Hooray for the “Hip” Marxist!!! Sorry, if articles about him are posted here, then replies of political viewpoints will follow. It would probably be the same if similar articles are posted for Gingrich, Ron Paul, and who is that other guy ?? Oh yes, Rick Perry…

    1. Marxist? Haha. No. Go listen to more Glenn Beck.

  15. I would like to ask him why he thinks the size of the government cannot be reduced by eliminating all of the worthless unproductive crap our hard earned money is being wasted on.

    1. IMO, certain things NASA does should have been axed years ago.

      1. i agree, certain things, but not the fucking space program…

  16. LOL, you guys think you’re mad now.  Wait til next year when Obama is re-elected!!

    It’s nice to know that the President is aware that most of the voter base use these technologies.  Looking forward to it.

    (And for some of you that keep harping on the media about asking “hardball” questions: I guess asking him if he is an natural born citizen of the USA over and over and over and over again is not “hardball” enough.)

    Obama 2012

  17. I can’t imagine any of the republican candidates doing this. They are still in the middle ages.

    1. I didn’t know they had computers.

  18. People never cease to amaze me. The article doesn’t ask if you support or dislike Obama and to be honest, no one who writes or read these comments cares. The point is, the tool is being used for something that is truely cool. A chance for an average joe to get time to chat with the president.

    Why cant you people just say “Cool. I’d love a chance to talk to Mr.X” and leave it at that, whoever X might represent. It’s not a bad thing that people have opinions but the way you guys express them makes you sound like idiots.

  19. REALLY?? He passed a law on dec 31 2011 to detain any american citizen without due process of law called NDAA and your posting his hangout shit here….smfh ….

    1. You’re a complete idiot. So because YOU don’t like Obama, this site shouldn’t post something that involves him if it’s related to the stuff that the site covers. Grow up. Also, he didn’t pass a law to do that. It was already in effect. He signed a bill that kept it going. I don’t agree with it, but please do some research before you post crap.

  20. Fuck Obama.

  21. And to those of you who fell for Obama presidential campaign last time (I did because I thought this man was going to change things) and want Obama for 2012 TRULY has no idea what is going on right now in the world and are just blindly following….he’s lied about almost everything he’s said.on his campaign….brining the troops home within a year , cutting taxes, him stoping the patriot act, him wanting the carbon taxes …its just amazing how anyone would want him back…Ron Paul has been consistent throughout his political career for over 30 years…there’s video of him back in 1988 of him predicting economic collapse and a video of RON PAUL on September 8th 2001 predicting the bursting.of the housing.bubble YEARS before it happened….he’s always voted against taxes and wants to get rid of the federal reserve and.income taxes….btw the government.doesn’t.make its own.money …..it borrows it from the centralized banking system that was.enacted in 1918 called the federal reserve …..america will forever stay in.debt unless that federal reserve.is up…..that’s why.Ron Paul followers have. End the Fed posters….I MEAN COME ON …name one thing Obama actually did that was good…and don’t say OBAMA CARE LMAOOO…PLS… more heavy ass taxing and less.money for you with this “limited” health plan….sorry for the outburst but people.man….they always seem.to amaze me….its the media though.lol…they don’t give u any outlets to find negatives about Obama…that’s when you go to alternative media….

    1. LOL Paul meet snowball’s chance in hell

    2. I’m not defending Obama, however, anyone with even a 3rd grade education knows that the president isn’t an absolute monarch. We have this thing called “congress” who sets the budgets, taxes, and can even vote themselves raises. When you have a democratic president, and a republican congress who puts their fingers in their ears and goes “blah-blah-blah” everytime he opens his mouth (metaphorically speaking, obviously), you can’t expect much. I disagree with a lot of what did go through congress (Obama care was one of the worst ideas). However, he was handed a giant bowl of shit when he took the presidency, and too many people had ridiculous expectations, such as fixing the economy in just a few years, and making all kinds of changes. The president can promise anything, it’s shocking how many people are surprised when said promises never come to fruition because they were silly enough to think that they were electing an absolute monarch, rather than a president. It’s a bit ridiculous that people are constantly blaming the president, yet you almost never hear of anyone blaming congress. Checks and balances, and our system is almost broken beyond repair.
       I also find it hilarious how many people think that they actually had a say in who the next president was going to be.
       I do think that Ron Paul has some good ideas, and also some absolutely terrible ideas (privatizing the DoD and DOE is, unquestionably, one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard). Yes, he did predict the housing bubble was going to burst, but so did almost everyone else, I’m not an economist, and I saw that coming – it’s happened before and it will happen again sometime in the future.
       If you really want your vote to make a difference, vote for your congressmen, senators, local school board, etc.
      Placing all of the blame on Obama is like blaming Ronald McDonald for a bad hamburger.

      1. i like  your response but….at least obama can take some action instead of bowing down kissing the feet of congress….he said early december he would veto the 

        1. i like  your response but….at least obama can take some action instead of bowing down kissing the feet of congress….he said early december he would veto the ( i was on a phone and it cut off) NDAA and the he signs the bill with no resistance….No VETo no nothing…..is THAT THE KIND OF PRESIDENT YOU WANT? he even says he didnt even need the NDAA to detain american citizens……he could at least stop the middle eastern wars too…. he is the commander in chief….. those wars were americas fault anyways when we went over there to help the british obtain OIL because the iraqis were furious because their natural resource was being taken from them…..after years the americans were able to put SADAM HUSSEIN into power in iraq….thinking he would let americans take all the oil they wanted..america supplied sadam with AMERICAN MADE FIM-92 stingers and other weapons (theres video and picture proof of brand new weapons) .. he did until he went corrupt on americans and wanted to attack saudi arabia and capture their oil resevoirs….of course saudi arabia and the us are allied and they didnt let that happen…..they had to stop sadam hussein because the government knew that he had weapons (weapons of mass destruction) because the americans supplied him with it….but the media says that sadam hussein was a tyrant and a murderer and had to be stopped for that reason( african countries are in much more turmoil but the american government doesnt give a shit)….so we invaded iraq and fired the whole IRAQI MILITARY and  tens of thousands of military personel which relied on the military were broke….of course if americans came to your country and fired your whole miltary wouldant you fight back? thats where the insurgents arose from …ex-military personel…ive gone on to  much but 95% of these statements are facts ….we need a president who is not going to bullshit us….i look at history very deeply and RON PAUL has a very solid record and never goes back on his word….thats why he went  unopposed in texas …..im just saying….look up what i said…. its out there…..i left out alot but i just wanted to skim through it to give u an idea what were dealing with….i think and search facts on my own….i dont let anyone check them for me…

    3. Its going to end up being Romney vs Obama, both of which will say just about anything and stick to none of it. Your best bet is to join a group who monitors and protests moves your local representatives make. You have pretty much zero control over the president(limited to 2 terms, what does he care), but your representatives have a career on the line. 

  22. Does she swallow?

  23. per usual all the paranoids crawl out from under the rocks

  24. Coolest Pres ever.

  25. I’ll pass, although it’s a neat idea (especially in an election year), so “average people” (you don’t seriously think that they’re just going to randomly pick people, do you?!) can talk to the president. I have to talk to politicians all the time, and they, quite frankly, make my skin crawl.

  26. Last time I checked the Democrats have control of the Senate and the Presidency. The Republicans just gained control of the House of Representatives a year ago which the Democrats had total control of all branches of our government. This president has walked all over our constitution and I would vote for almost anyone over him!

    1. You are an uneducated person.

  27. Ill pass… I dont care for the guy.

  28. @inerdtia:disqus 
    ask him why he.. my friend’s aunt makes $82 hourly on the laptop. She has been fired for 8 months but last month her pay was $7239 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more… MakeCash2.com

  29. I, must first say that I dont know much about him, or politics. But, it dose not take much sense to see, the action of spending millions on vacation at this time is a red and upside down flag llol.Plus, the guy is for killing babies…that in it’s self says it all…but together with my first point…guy needs to get the hell out of office.

    1. Oh, wow. “Spending millions on vacation at this time?” What in the hell are you talking about? EVERY President goes on vacation. And Bush did it a HELL of a lot more than Obama. But where you really went crazy was with “the guy is for killing babies”. That is so monumentally uneducated, your opinion is instantly invalidated.

  30. Well i’m from boston and never seen that $10,000.00 beting flip floping Romney anywhere.He’s not a man of his word and would put a “USA for sale” sign up real fast.
    I can see his new slogan now ” jobs for us not by us”

  31. I have had no interest in the presidential election process since 2000, when Al Gore won the election, clearly and decisively winning the popular vote, aka, all of the regular people votes, but lost the electoral college, and then the final shot to the head was the awarding of the presidency to George Bush by, of all things, the Supreme Court. Last time i studied any election law, i read that when a candidate wins a state by the popular vote, all the electoral votes, regardless of party typically switch to the winning party. But the catch is, they dont really HAVE to, so thats how a candidate like GORE wins the election, but loses the presidency….and if that doesnt cast a huge shadow of doubt on the legitimacy of our elections, im not sure what does. But as far as i can tell, the majority of the country is too busy eating, sleeping, drinking, whoring, staring at their cell phones 90% of the day to care….Good job, its what the government wants anyways, a society of idiots not noticing anything, except how much beer and nachos they got in the fridge.

  32. I blame the OP for this thread.

  33. Can I report my neighbors on here? They actually have jobs and make money.

  34. Al Gore made up the idea of the carbon tax back in 1996 ….and u wanted him for president??? Carbon tax is a bigger crime than Obama care…your being taxed by exhaust coming.from the energy that the american government is fighting for at the middle east and killing american soldiers…..both of then were no good and both have ties to the corporate regime…..its a military industrial complex now people…. like the drugs they have now adays ….when voxx came out it killed 60,000 people and more people die from PROPERLY prescribed drugs than motor accidents every year…..they know about natural cures but they force this scientific garbage we can’t even pronounce because they make huge profits …like smokers they can’t stop because they are addicted … prescription drug takers can’t stop because they think it is the only option…did you know all silver tooth fillings are actually 50 % mercury??? They tell us to avoid tuna which has mercury but put it in our MOUTHS AND VACCINES ……..Look it up….
    NO LIE….sodium flouride in our drinking water….a neurotoxin….flouride is a waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry…..a teaspoon can kill a man and leave birth defects in babies in small doses in the water supply…the water companies sole purpose it to supply water to its customers…not to medicate them ….that’s the health departments job….and if you think sodium flouride is good for your teeth your sadly mistaken…isn’t that why we brush our teeth??? It doesn’t make sense …if you don’t brush your teeth that’s you but don’t force this toxin into our water just because 1/50 people might not brush their teeth ….WAKE UP PEOPLE…YOUR LIVING IN A MATRIX….LOOK UP WHAT I SAID TOO….ITS ALL TRUE …

    1. Please learn to type with proper grammar.

  35. Zeo…you, clearly have an mental issue…not only are you a blind Obama follower…but your also a ragging nut trying to prove a point (s) that hold no water. Killing, babies yeah he is for that, which is.why he had a hellllll of a time doctoring his answer on abortion. Foo, didnt know how to answer such a question while claiming to be a man of God. And, the state we are in…he spent millions on vacation …and heard a story how his wife went on one and spent more than he did.

  36. Oh…and Zeo Bush was, in office alot longer than, anti America Obama…and hopfully it stays that way. You, seem like your a well educated school guy are girl, but that dose not mean your education makes you know what your talking about. Anyone, who supports him can’t love this country much…or at all. Nothing, in Socialism will make this country better.

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