Motorola Looking for Testers for Photon 4G Update


Motorola’s issued the call to arms for those with Photon 4G units on Sprint. They are gearing up to release a new update soon and need testers to help them determine whether or not things are good to go for the vast majority of those who have the device. We’re not sure what to expect but we somehow don’t think this one is Ice Cream Sandwich. We will find out soon if everything goes well, though. If you have the device and are signed up to receive test alerts be sure to check your inbox. [Motorola via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I am so freaking on this it is downright scary. Hopefully I’ll get an e-mail soon. While I agree with Quentyn it doesn’t necessarily mean that ICS is imminent, it at least shows that they haven’t forgotten about the phone. I’ve also heard from folks at CES that have talked to Motorola, and the latter confirmed that ICS was coming to Photon (no timeline, however). 

    I’ll believe it, when I see it.

    1. If they haven’t forgotten now, they’ll forget soon. Bring up the Atrix to motorola and all you’ll get is weird look.

      1. The local sprint store people really need better training. I swear I know more about the phones than they do. I ask them about upcoming phones coming to sprint and they’re like “Whuh?”

        And to be honest, it’s like that everywhere.

        1. Yep…….best buy is one of the worst offenders!

  2. What no in-house QC dept. at Motorola Mobility and Sprint?  
    Do your own testing, and do it effectively and thoroughly…. and pay someone your own staff to do it, or otherwise pay your customers with some discounts.  You cheap SOBs

  3. According to a twitter update from the “proclaimed” Twitter account for Mark Hearn, CEO of Sprint, that update floating around is from an old thread. It is not new.

    @MisterHearn: That PHOTON software tester story floating around is based off of an old thread.

    1. ^ This. Its amazing how this so called call for testers keeps popping up every once in a while. Its been determined numerous times that its a bug in their system that continues to bring back that call for testers thread back to the top. thus leading folks to think they are doing another round of testing.
      And although, its been found to be false, people continue to report it as new. This is going to be a problem when they actually do need testers and everyone thinking its false.

      1. We’re looking into why the post appeared as recent. It appears some people +/- the post and that inadvertantly changed the edit date. There is no current request for users. That post is back from September. I will put up a new post or make it very apparent in that post that we’re doing another call for testers.

        MarkForum Manager

  4. I agree with Kevin about the Sprint reps, I was having trouble with my mobile internet so I stop by the store and this young lady told me to uninstall some apps, I asked what did the apps i have on my phone have to do with THEIR network and all she could say was “well sometimes that helps”, so I said I’ll just go home and call customer service and I did and they walked me right through the problem, had to update my profile and prl.

  5. The reps are bad everywhere.. Hell I have to tell them what phones are good half the time LOL

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  6. Oh well. Knew this was too good to be true. Hell, we don’t even know if Motorola will be getting ICS. 

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