Mid-range HTC Primo with Android 4.0 and Beats Audio gets rendered


HTC is following the axiom “quality not quantity” in 2012, realizing previous years saw a glut of Android devices with only a few shining stars among the bunch. This doesn’t mean we won’t see any mid-range devices from the Taiwanese manufacturer, though. A new render has surfaced giving us our first look at what is being called the HTC Primo, an Android 4.0 smartphone with a 3.7-inch Gorilla Glass display and integrated Beats Audio support. Other specs include a dual-core Qualcomm CPU clocked at 1GHz, 512MB of RAM, and a 5MP camera capable of capturing 720p HD video. From the render we see HTC has done away with any hardware buttons in favor of ICS’s on-screen controls, and what real estate they would have consumed has been assigned to the Beats logo.

The Ice Cream Sandwich handset is expect to debut alongside the HTC Ville and HTC Edge/Endeavour/Supreme at Mobile World Congress, rounding out a lineup that will meet the need’s of most smartphone users quite nicely.

[via PocketDroid]

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  1. Look MA! NO BUTTONS! That Beats logo looks horrible.

    1. sure does. I say take that beats shat off there and just put in a decent speaker or two. 

  2. Damnn look at that bottom bezel, and Beats logo.

  3. I can’t believe we’re already classifying a dual core 1GHz processor toting phone as mid-range.

    1. Because quad-core is just around the corner.

      1. Oh I get why it’s considered mid-range, I’m just saying that a year ago, dual-core was only heard of in the high end phones and the development of more powerful mobile processors is going quickly. I’m still sporting a single core in my Merge.

      2. Actually what’s more important is that A15 is coming soon. The GSIII is probably going to be dual-core 2GHz A15 with a smaller A7 companion core.

  4. Ok wtf, are we back in 2010? 3.7in screen? Which is really like 3.5 with the onscreen Smh. Screw it, I’m not buying another device from HTC unless its 5+ inches screen-wise

    1. 5+ inches? Really? Why do you need a screen that huge on a phone? Just get a tablet.

      I have an HTC Inspire 4G and it’s as big as I will ever want. I actually wouldn’t mind having a smaller screen every now and then.

      When I talk on the phone, I don’t want it to feel like I have a Kindle pressed against my face.

      1. Because I’m tryna have an all in one device, eliminating the need for a tab. 5+ inches would be right up my alley. I have an EVO 3D and it feels too small.

        1. I think the galaxy note is right up your alley 

          1. I agree, u need a Note there buddy.

    2. well with all the people still buying iphones we need some small screen android devices
      or apple will take more marketshare.

    3. Hey, but that’s mid-range!
      I bet their flagship device for 2012 will sport at least 4.3″ screen (if not 4.5 or 4.7) with 720p resolution, like the Galaxy Nexus has.

    4. Just get a GNote

    5. not everyone wants a ginormous screen.  i’m wanting to go back to something of this size.  something that fits comfortably in my pocket no matter what i’m wearing.  i have a tablet for things that i want to do on a bigger screen.

  5. gotta love phandroid readers… we can read each other’ s mind…!

  6. This looks like shit. The beats logo if fugly. On top of that, dual-core and no 1080p recording? Dafuq?

    1. Apparently You Don’t Understand The Concept Of Mid-Range…

      1. Oh yes, yes I do! But limiting features isn’t a good idea if the hardware is capable of it. A dual-core should be capable of recording 1080p.

  7. 512mb ram? is that enough enough for ICS alone?! wtf are they smoking, a mid range phone should have 728 to 1gb of RAM atleast

    1. My Galaxy Nexus Has 1GB… So Please Tell Me How We Are Supposed To Have A Mid Range Phone With The Same Amount Of RAM Has My High Tech Phone?

    2. My HD2 has enough ram for ICS.

  8. They forgot to render Sense on top of ICS in that image? :)

  9. Well done phandroid, if you actually read the source you would know that this “render” was just a mockup that Stuff.tv used and is likely nothing like what the phone will actually look like…

    1. That’s Kevin, he doesn’t check anything. Honestly, anymore I think he just copy-pastes stuff he sees, or changes a few words around so it is “his” blog. C’mon, this is the same guy who just recently said in one of his blogs that the Nexus One was the first phone to have Android 2.0. *facepalm*

  10. I doubt htc will put the beats logo there….and people who are complaining about screen size…you don’t need a huge screen to be a quality phone…..cough* cough* iphone. 

    1. stupid troll

  11. Really people? this picture isn’t real. It just doesn’t make sense.

  12. Too much phone for a small screen. And is it just me or does HTC need to update their phone designs to better match ICS? Not saying anybody should have to do that but ICS is sleek and fun, and HTC is smooth and serious. It’s kinda weird looking that way.

  13. HTC is going down unless they start innovating design!  do you hear me Chou???  you and HTC are going to go right down the tubes just like Palm, Nokia, and RIM!!! get off your ass Chou and start innovating again damn it! the EVO is almost 2 years old and you keep spitting out the same EVO variants one after another!!! this is your wake up call Chou! now go to work!!!

    1. STFU u idiot. u make no sense at all. HTC is ballin right now, go troll some other site u lame.

    2. No, he doesn’t hear u bcuz he’s not here and most likely doesn’t care about what u have to say. Take a pill.
      Btw, the reason I like my Rezound is bcuz it reminds me of my old EVO, mixed with a little bit of Droid Incredible. It’s a classic look and classic looks will always stay.

  14. NO SENSE?!  

    Damn good day!

  15. Huge Beats logo wtf? If they removed that and used the space to make the screen a nice even 4 inches it would be perfect little phone.

  16. Since when does HTC release Vanilla handsets. If so, then I want one, mid-range or not.

  17. Meh, decent midrange. I would rather see og incredible styling again for a midrange device. Ill never buy anything but htc for android… I agree that ram doesn’t really seem adequate. Oh well, loving my rezound.

  18. honestly that image looks like a fake.

  19. I doubt it’ll look like this and the Beats logo will be replaced with the carrier logo and relocated to the back.

  20. I wish my Rezound had a Beats logo on the front instead of the big gay ass Verizon logo.

  21. The beats logo is ridiculous.

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