Jan 23rd, 2012

Apple is trying their hardest to run the competition out of town, but one report claims the company is gaining little from their global lawsuit rampage. In fact, it sounds like Apple hasn’t been shy about dipping heavily into their own bank account, perhaps to fulfill Steve Jobs’ wish of destroying Android. Dan Lyons of Newsweek is reporting that in Apple’s case against HTC alone the company has spent as much as $100 million. Apple won a small victory when the ITC banned the import of certain HTC smartphones on grounds of patent infringement, but the Taiwanese manufacturer was able to get around the legal ramifications by working out a software fix that satisfied the court’s requirements.

Apple has been fighting tooth and nail to strike Android manufacturers down, going for the jugular with attempts to ban devices rather than simply work out licensing agreements that could earn the Cupertino-based tech giant a pretty penny. Though Apple has won a few battles, it seems they might be losing the war. It may be time to re-evaluate the war on Android as a business endeavor, not simply as a personal vendetta.

[via BGR]

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