Amazon Kindle Fire Holiday Steam Subsiding, Says Rumor


It’s no secret that Amazon enjoyed a very healthy holiday season with the launch of their $200 Kindle Fire tablet but, as you might expect following the season, demand seems to be waning. According to DigiTimes, who often have their ear to the components street, orders for Kindle Fire components have been halved from 6 million to 3 million.

The drop-off looks to be more significant than that, though, as their source notes that orders for both the Kindle Fire and the competing Nook Tablet are expected to get as low as 800,000 to one million units per month over the course of Q1 2012. The big question for Amazon is whether or not they’ll be able to rejuvenate interest in the Spring (Easter) and Summer (back to school) months.

The back to school season should be a big one for Amazon in that regard as students return to school looking for new devices to help them along their way. It’s unclear whether or not Amazon will launch another tablet in 2012. While early rumors have suggested they have more variants – such as a 10.1 inch device – in the works, but they have gotten more quiet as the months churn on.

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  1. “It’s unclear whether or not Android will launch another tablet in 2012.”

    I sure hope so!  /annoyingproofreadingjoke

  2. ” It’s unclear whether or not Android will launch another tablet in 2012.”  Wasn’t there like 500 android tablets announced at CES last week?

  3. It’s unclear whether or not Amazon will launch another tablet in 2012.


  4. If they want to sell some more…EXPORT THEM !!  I would love to see these officially come to the UK and I bet many other people around the world would too.

    Come on Amazon, why only US sales ??

    1. That makes sense they should have them all over the world, does the UK have a large selection of tablets.

      1. The UK has a fair selection of high price tablets , but nothing this good in the budget range.  My father wanted to buy a couple of tablets as presents for my brothers at Christmas.

        Best we could get for <£200 was the Advent Vega, its a good tablet , epically after I put honeycomb on it but the screen leaves something to be desired and not as polished a product as the Kindle Fire.

        They are missing out on a huge market.

        1. To me it sounds like I need to go into export business and you import, bet we could make a lot of money.

          1. ;) I already do a lot of import and export , mainly from China but the problem is without the UK Amazon services backing it up, the Fire its only half a tablet.

             We need to give Amazon a kick up the backside

    2. Exporting technology is never as easy as just making it available.  Laws are all over the map from country to country, tarrifs, VAT, DRM, etc.  It’s a complex mess and will stay that way so long as laws and taxes vary as much as they do.

      1. Its also not that complicated, certainly not for a internationally traded company the likes of Amazon. 

        We run a small firm and have no problems with differing tax rates world wide, we have design and manufacture in the uk, as well as china and export worldwide.  If we can do it Amazon can and do already.

        There seem only 2 reasons not to bring it to the UK.  Firstly US is their biggest market. so it makes sense to give them priority until you  have enough stock (they should be at this point now).

        their second stumbling block must be the UK based Amazon services, we don’t even have the Amazon market place and this is essential for the fire.  I’m frankly dumbfounded as to how such a large company has failed to open this up internationally, this is where the Legal / DRM restrictions may interfere but only on some items. 

  5. “It’s unclear whether or not Android will launch another tablet in 2012.”

    I’m guessing you meant Amazon, as it’s very clear that there will be more Android tablets launched in 2012.

  6. Hope this is true. I see this tablet as a low end device that i may buy as a gift when i dont really want to spend that much on someone, but i wouldnt buy it for myself unless i couldnt afford something nicer.

  7. Those who haven’t gotten the Amazon Fire yet will be better off just getting the $250 ASUS tablet when it’s released.

  8. Amazon definately will launch a Fire 2 this year with better specs, but it probably won’t be until October or November.

  9. Around here Fire’ s are hard to find, but there’s still some demand, Mom had to call around town just to find my one

  10. Just a comment about the title of this article. How many electronic devices demand has increased since the holidays?

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